The Missions of a Teenager

Sometimes I feel like my life is a mission, the obstacles? School. Parents. Technology. And my friend Milli. Can I just say some of this stuff is exaggerated but it is all based on things that real happened.


8. The God Damn Food Packaging Hates Me


Ok, so I am having one of these lazy days. You know lying on the sofa, watching Man Vs Food, eating anything in the cupboard. So, I needed something more filling to eat because I am about to have an online game marathon. MinecraftWorls Of Warcraft, DC UnverseRunescape, Star Wars Online. Those kind of games. 

Me being me, I went straight to the freezer hoping mom brought some pizza (Pepperoni or Meat feast, that's how I roll). But, mom being mom, she got Camembert. She is on this eat healthy diet and I suffer the consequences. 

I thought "Oh well, it's still food" ad took it out the freezer. I put the gas mark on GM6, like it said on the box and then I proceeded to opening the little piece of.... well you know what I mean.

IT WOULDN'T OPEN! I got 5 paper cuts, and got hit in the eye with some plastic that the Camenbert was wrapped in. Wrappers hate me, they won't go in the bin properly, they slice my fingers to ribbons.

-_- I still can't get it open and my marathon starts in less than ten minutes. I'm thinking, order pizza or send my hamster down to the chippy to get me a kebab.

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