The Missions of a Teenager

Sometimes I feel like my life is a mission, the obstacles? School. Parents. Technology. And my friend Milli. Can I just say some of this stuff is exaggerated but it is all based on things that real happened.


6. Putting up the Xmas tree

Yes, we put the Christmas tree up 3 days before the actual day. You know why? Because the lights on the tree keep playing up so we don't want to deal with them for long.

Right now dad is sitting on the floor trying to get the lights to work. He had them on a few seconds ago but when he tried to put them on the tree... the lights hate us.

The undecorated tree has been up for at least 4 hours but the baubles can't go on unless the lights work. This is why I hate Christmas most of the time. The music, the films, the cheesy Facebook statuses and THE BLOODY CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!!!! 

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