The Missions of a Teenager

Sometimes I feel like my life is a mission, the obstacles? School. Parents. Technology. And my friend Milli. Can I just say some of this stuff is exaggerated but it is all based on things that real happened.


4. Its X-mas? Hold on a sec whilst I kill myself

Now I'm a teenager, Christmas just gets on my nerves. The endless shopping, the annoying adverts on TV and OMG the films! Nearly all of then go on about the true meaning of Christmas and family is the most important present ever. Seriously why can't the put other films on at Christmas. Like Star Wars, Terminator or Paul? I need more exiting films to open my presents and decorate the tree to. 

Also the songs just get on my nerves. Every year the same songs over and over again. I've already made a Christmas party playlist on youtube that contains no cheesy 80's songs.

Seriously the thing I like about Christmas is the food. God, does my mom make a nice Christmas dinner. And the roast potatoes! 

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