The Missions of a Teenager

Sometimes I feel like my life is a mission, the obstacles? School. Parents. Technology. And my friend Milli. Can I just say some of this stuff is exaggerated but it is all based on things that real happened.


5. Going to the German market

So this happened about 2 weeks ago when me and my parents went to the German Christmas market.

My mom went looking around the shops by herself, because me and dad are a pain to shop with, so me and dad looked around together. We spend 10 minuets or so in HMV and then 15 in Waterstones. We had about 40 minuets before we had to meet mom again. We decided to have a quick look at the German Christmas market before we went there with mom. Worst mistake I made this year! 

Like every year, there were some people preaching about God and Jesus. Normally me and dad would walk by and dad would tell me how they were wrong. Dad knows a lot about religion and why most of it is wrong. So I thought that this year he would just walk by. I wish! 

The people were preaching about the 'true meaning of Christmas'. Me and dad had debated about this and how Christmas falls around the same time as the pagan festival of the sun. Also Jesus was technically born in summer because the Shepard's would not be 'watching their flock by night' as it would be too cold and the sheep would be in the barn or somewhere warm.

And dad starts telling this one preacher about how Christmas is fake. The other preachers begin to listen to what my dad is saying, and all of a sudden they're having this giant argument/discussion/debate.

I'm just standing there whilst people walking by are looking at my dad and then me. I'm all like 'hey, dad, I'm gonna go find mom'.

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