Baby, I Loved You First

Nicole gets transferred to another school where she meets Gracie and Beth. They instantly become best friends, but will Gracie and Beth's boyfriends turn on them for Nicole? Will the friendship be ruined? When Nicole is pushed over the edge and comes face to face with Gracie, Beth, and One Direction... will her life change when 3 members of the boyband fall for her?


1. New School... New Life?

Nicole's P.O.V.

"But I don't want to go to a new school, Dad!" I scream to my dad, who is on the other side of the kitchen. "I don't care what you want! We are moving tomorrow and you start your new school on Monday!" He screams back at me, before walking off. I stomp up the stairs and plop down on my bed and start to sob into my hands. I pul out my phone and text all my friends: Leaving Arkansas tomorrow. I love you and will miss you so much! Text and call as much as possible when I move to Florida! I set my phone down and pull my purple suitcase out from underneath my bed. This was so depressing. I pulled al of my clothes out of my closet and threw them on my bed. Great, now I get to fold all of this. I get to folding right away and about five minutes later, my phone buzzed.   1 New Text From Caitlyn. Oh great, it's part one of my heart break. Caitlyn had been my best friend since 1st grade and she was like my little sister. A tear fell from my eye as I unlocked my phone to read her text. Oh my gosh, Nicole! Why!? I will die without you! We will never stop talking when you leave. Everyday, okay? I'm coming over right now! Be there in 3(: xx I started sobbing again and I heard a knock at my door. My mom poked her head in the door. She started talking and trying to calm me down, and I just snapped. "GET OUT! JUST GET OUT! YOU ARE RUINING MY LIFE AND NOW YOU ARE TRYING TO COMFORT ME!? JUST LEAVE. DON'T TALK TO ME!" I shout angrily at her. She scurries out and I just fall to the ground, in a ball, sobbing. I hear a soft knock at the door and know it's Caitlyn. I don't move a muscle, or say anything. She peaks her head in and sees me balling. Next thing I know, she is rocking me back and forth, trying to comfort me. I move a little and she stands up, holding out a hand, waiting for me to except it. She pulls me up and starts to help me fold my clothes. We don't say anything, but I look up and I can see Caitlyn's eyes are filled with sadness. How could he tell me to leave my whole life behind all of a sudden?

*3 hours later*

I pull my pajamas on and slide into bed. Today had probably been the worst day ever. I have to leave my best friend behind, my boyfriend left me, and now I have to fall asleep thinking about what my new school will be like. I start dreaming and then I peacefully fall asleep.

*The next morning*

I had to decide something really comfortable to wear while I rode the plane. I decided on sweats, a long sleeve t-shirt, and some slip-ons. I hop in the shower and hop out very quickly, knowing my dad would not be happy if I took too long. Pulling on my clothes, I heard my phone buzz. 1 New Text From: Caitlyn This is going to make me cry. Bye Nicole. I will miss you so much. I love you. xx P.S. we will best friends forever and we talk everyday. I felt a tear escape my eye and quickly stopped myself. I combed my hair, putting it up in a messy bun. I brushed my teeth and washed my face before making sure I had everything. No makeup today. I walked toward my door and turned around, taking a picture of my room. I will NEVER forget this room. I pulled the door shut and tried not to cry. Okay, I had everything and I had my suitcase. I was ready to go. Goodbye life.

*At the airport*

After the awkward drive here, we finally arrived at the airport. I pulled my luggage to where my parents were standing and made sure I had my carry on with me. My mom talked to some people behind a counter beofre saying, "Go sit over there. We have about a 30 minute wait." I walked over to a waiting area and looked out the window. Goodbye Arkansas. Goodbye friends. Goodbye house. Goodbye people who mean SO much to me. Goodbye life. I will miss you so much. There was someone shaking me. "Come on Nicole! We are going to miss our flight!" I hopped up and walked toward the gate. This was it. The last time I would live here. I sighed and showed my ticket. My parents were guiding me and my sister toward our seats on the small plane. I sat next to my little sister, Megan. When the plane took off, I put my headphones in my ears, and fell asleep.

*4 and a half hours later*

"Nicole! Get up! We're here!" Megan shouted in my face. I groaned a little before standing up and grabbing my carry on. When we got the the luggage claim, my mom was rushing us just a little. Gosh, that woman can be annoying. We hearded ourself into a cab that took us to our new house. It was a beach house. right next to the ocean. Great, can't get any better. I ran into the house trying to claim the biggest bedroom. I found the one at the back corner, with a huge window, a big attached bathroom, and a big closet. Would this be good enough to  my old life?


I had to start school today. Great, yippee. I pulled on jeans, a plain whit t-shirt, a gray scarf, and my gray TOMS. Good enough. After eating breakfast, the awkward ride to school,and talking to the princpal, I finally got to go to class: math. Okay, that wasn't bad. I liked math. When I walked in, everybody looked at me. Some girls in the back had an extra chair by them so I talked to the teacher and went to sit by them. I learned they were Gracie and Beth. They were the funniest girls I had ever met and I instatly became best friends with both of them. So, I automatically had one thing in common with them: we were all three single. I don't see how they were single, they were both beautiful. Gracie had light brown straight hair that flowed down just a little past her shoulders and had beautiful blue eyes. Beth was a couple inches shorter than me, but taller than Gracie, with shoulder length light brown hair with blue eyes. We spent so much time with them and within a week, we were unseperable. They were going to help me get through this. I barely knew them but I knew that I loved them. And they were my sisters... forever... regardless of what happens.

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