Desire Of The Soul

Sarah Williams is the kind of person you do not want to get involved with. Because of her terrible past, bad things happen to people who she cares about. That's why she has never had a boyfriend, or even a friend. That's why when one boy decides to get involved, it will change her decisions and her life forever. Because to keep the one she loves alive, she must risk her own freedom.


2. Gotta Have Her

Sarah's. POV
With the kids playing in the water and the boys and girls tanning on the sand, the beach is the perfect place to be on a warm May afternoon. I have always loved the beach, when ever I move I try to make it somewhere near water. I have always loved to swim or just be near water. It gives me a secure feeling. Walking along the beach with sand in between my toes and the wind blowing my shoulder length hair, this was the heaven for me. As the water comes up and attacks my ankles and retreated back to the ocean, I watch girls flirt with boys and boys try to pick up girls. Laughing at the ones that get humiliated and the ones that walk away with a new number. I have never understood love. I have always thought it was just a waste of time. And then when it doesn't work out is even worse. You put all your trust and heart into the relationship, and within seconds it gets smashed to pieces. I have never had a boyfriend and I never plan to. As I walk along the shore line in my flowing sun dress I hear someone shouting.
"Heads up!"
Before my head even turns around my hands are up and catch the beach ball hurling towards my head. I have always had amazing reflexes and I have a black belt in karate. Also I always have the chance that they are following me and I have to be ready if they attack. And since they haven't in a while, I would think they should at anytime soon. I turn around and see a boy running towards me with long (well long for a boy)brown hair and gorgeous blue eyes. 
"Hey sorry about that. Harry's not very good at volley ball." He smiles at me. With his beautiful hair and smile I almost feel like fainting. Wait, no, stop it Sarah. Remember what happened to Matt.
"Yeah well here's your ball." I say handing him the beach ball.
"What's your name?" He asks.
"Sarah." I hesitate at first deciding whether or not I should trust him, but I tell him anyway.
"So Sarah would you like to come join us?" He points over to four other boys and three other girls all huddled around a volley ball net.
"No thanks, I don't really play sports. I am not very coordinated." I lie starting to walk away.
"Well you seemed to catch that ball really easily."
I stop and turn back around.
"I guess it was luck."
I start to walk away again but he grabs my wrist. I turn towards him again, but I have become more cautious.
"Oh come on. Just one game won't hurt." He begs.
I start to eye him suspiciously. Why is he doing this? Is he one of them? I yank my hand out of his grip.
"I'm sorry, but it just might."
I walk away and as I turn around I see him walking back to his friends looking kinda glum. I almost felt bad. But I can't take the risk of getting attached to such a handsome boy. As I approach my tan colored beach house, I walk inside and start to cry. I really wish I could have a normal life.
Louis's POV
As soon as I saw her I fell head over heels for her. She looked like an angle sent from heaven. But why didn't she want to hang out? As I walk back over to the boys and their girlfriends I must have looked really depressed because they all started asking questions. 
"What's wrong Louis" asked Liam.
"Did something happen? Did we miss something!?" Asked Niall.
"Did the ball pop!? Oh darn I guess we have to stop playing!" Yelled Harry sarcastically.
"No the ball did not pop! I asked the girl over there if she wanted to come over and she rejected me." I say.
"Well you could just visit her another day." Said Zayn.
"What do you mean? I didn't get her phone number or anything."
"Yeah but I am pretty sure that is her house." Says Niall pointing behind me. I turn and I see her walking into one of the houses hat is connected to the beach. My frown suddenly turns into a smile. I know where she lives! Wow that sounds really creepy. I will not give up on the girl of my dreams. I will do whatever it takes to get her.

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