Desire Of The Soul

Sarah Williams is the kind of person you do not want to get involved with. Because of her terrible past, bad things happen to people who she cares about. That's why she has never had a boyfriend, or even a friend. That's why when one boy decides to get involved, it will change her decisions and her life forever. Because to keep the one she loves alive, she must risk her own freedom.


1. Introduction

I have never been a believer in true love. I have never even had a boyfriend. I am the girl in the back of the class that minds her own business, but always raises her hand and takes notes. With my thick long brown hair and hazel green eyes, people used to say that I have my mothers great looks and my dads kind and funny personality. But I never really knew my parents. I was eight when they got murdered, but I would prefer not to talk about that. I never really cry, but that's the one thing that I can't stop sobbing about. That's the main reason I have never had a boyfriend, or friends. Because once you get involved in my life, consider yourself dead. I have survived like this since I was eight, and the people who have tried to help me, are gone. Now I live on my own in Doncaster, but I can't stay in one place for more then a year, other wise they might find me. I just moved here about two weeks ago after I finished college. Of course I did one year at a different college each year, and I actually got a masters in Engineering. I don't bother to get a job because I move so much. But with all the money my parents left me I could survive for a million years. I am not one of those idiots that is broke and running away from something they are too afraid to face. I have a life, just not a social one. My name is Sarah Williams and this is the story of my life, and how some idiot decided he wanted to get himself killed by becoming involved in it. That idiots name, was Louis Tomlinson.

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