They Don't Know About Us

Sandy is going to London with her best friend for the whole summer. Just for one reason, SOCCER. They play together in a team and they're going to have the most important game there. But they would never imagine to meet One Direction there. What will happen in London? Are they going to win the game or the heart of a One Direction member?


2. Dear Diary

Sandys POV:

'11th June.

Dear Diary,

I'm so excited. I can't believe, I'm actually sitting in our private jet on my way to London with my best friend Debby. We've waited for this day now for so long. It's like a dream, I'm going to spend the whole summer in London with Debby and our soccer team. This is going to be amazing. Of course we're not just going to hang out there, we're going to work hard. At the end of this summer, we have a really important soccer game. The most important in our whole soccer career. There will be a talent scout, who's looking for some young female player. I need to impress him, I need to give my best. He'll pick the best two of our team and make them famous. I have to be on of those! Because soccer is my passion.'

I close my diary and put it back in my bag. I'm not a good writer, but I still keep writing everyday. To be honest, I don't know why, I just love to write down what I've been through and what I've reached at the end of the day. Debby already fell asleep, even tho London is only one hour away. Honestly, I've never seen someone who can sleep as much as she does. I put my headphones in, and put Ed Sheeran on replay. I'm obsessed with him. He's so cute and talented! And he's one of the best songwriter on this planet. 'Give Me Love' is my favorite song ever. 'Give a little bit time to me, or burn this out, we'll play hide and seek to turn this around, and all I want is a taste that your lips allow..' While I'm watching out of the little window, I study every single line of the lyrics. Suddenly I get lost in my thoughts. And everything around me has become less important.

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