They Don't Know About Us

Sandy is going to London with her best friend for the whole summer. Just for one reason, SOCCER. They play together in a team and they're going to have the most important game there. But they would never imagine to meet One Direction there. What will happen in London? Are they going to win the game or the heart of a One Direction member?


1. About the characters

About Sandy: Sandy Karev is 16 years old. Her passion? Definitely soccer. Her goal? To be the best female soccer player. She lives in big villa near the lake, in a small unknown town in England. With her parents, her twin sister and her baby brother. Her father is the best surgeon in England. His name is Alex Karev and he's 36 years old. Her mother, Demetria Karev is a famous artist. Sophia Karev is her twin sister. They get along very well together. Even though they fight sometimes, they still love each other. I'm sure you wonder what's the baby's name. I'll tell you, his name is Edward. He's only 4 months old, but he's the cutest baby ever. 

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