Indian Princess

Indian Princess so beautiful and loving. Always thinking of others.


1. Indian Princess

Indian Princess so beautiful and fair

Flying high on a horse so wild

Hair blowing in the breeze

Her smile dazzles


Her lips shine

Her eyes sparkle

Walk's like a ray of sunshine

Brings light to all


No makeup

Just beautiful

When she speaks

It is like magic


She dance's to the drum

Body swaying

Skirt held high

She's a beauty of nature


Everyone love's the Indian Princess

She's smart, funny, and loving

Head strong, know;s what she wants

She loves to play and tease


She can bring you to your knees

But when she loves you

You better believe

She does not play with your heart


She will be loyal and true

Stay by you no matter what

She loves everyone

She loves to pick flowers


Ride in the open fields

Singing a song

As she rides along

Indian Princess so wild and free

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