My lie oops life

this is the story of Annie ray and jade her best friend they are both in abusive homes Annie ray with her abusive uncle and jade a abusive mom who is also a drunk they live very similar lives the tormenting (aka jade"s mom and Annie's uncle) work at the same company when that company move to london will they get a new start or a bad ending lets find out


3. so we had a bad day



  Both pov

We walk off the bus to the school. I walk in and see jade with a bunch of boy they were picking her proudly so I go over to her she quickly dismisses them, 

Then turns to me “I’m moving.”

“What no.” was all I could say. 

“My mom’s company is moving they told her and the big shots yesterday.” she says I think back my uncle works for the same company. He was mad at me yesterday because I didn't clean the kitchen so it was possible.

“Where when” I ask?

“Tomorrow after school I’ll be getting all my papers and stuff then and to London.” she says answering my questions. 

“Oh no but my sorry uncle didn't tell me” I say.

“Yeah I hope its better there.” bring bring she was interrupted by the bell. We go thought the rest of the day being picked on tripped and treated like shit so basically a normal day.

Annie’s pov

I get on the bus and head home as I walk in my uncle stops me 

“Annie we are moving I talked about it with your parents.” he says his voice sounding like knifes. It was terrible how could they let me leave they didn't every call to tell me. How but I was not going to let him see all these thoughts, so instead I run out of that hell house to the woods I run till I couldn't see it any longer.

I scream “why me god. Why I hate it here. I hate them there. I hate the people at school and they all hate me. I don’t want to go with him to London; I don’t want him to hit me. I collapse to the ground crying in anger. why why why.” was all I could say I lay there for I don’t know how long. Then I when I finally get up I pack up my stuff and fall asleep.

“Wake up you peace of shit you didn't cook dinner.” I hear a split second before a fest hits me in the face. I get up looking at my uncle. I didn't have the energy to be scared to say the true I kind of wanted him to hit me. so I could feel something other than the pain of my parents letting me go with him. he did of course hitting me repeatedly. when he noticed I was not screaming or crying he started kicking me, I still sit emotionless he starts to hit my head on the wall I didn't feel it. then he yanks me up buy me hair. to the kitchen he throws me down I looked at him hate in his eyes. I told you he hated me. he gets out a knife I start to shack in freer the grabs my arm and cuts deep in to it making me bleed.

Jade’s pov

I got off the bus and walk in to the house usually I got 2 good hours of being alone but not today. No I walk In to my mother screaming to pack I go to my room and started. I had my room finished so I sat down mistake number 1. she walks in and start screaming about me being a lazy slut. I tuned her out till the punched me oh mistake number 2. Never let her know you’re in pain us dumb ass I think to myself.

she just smiles and grabs me up “we are going to play a game. she says one we haven’t played in a long time.” oh shit was all that came to mind. She brings me to the kitchen handing me a knife “cut your self” was all she said.  

“No” I say.

“Yes now” she said.

“No I won’t I’m not a kid anymore” I scream.

“Yes you are and you will or I’ll do it” she screams louder.

I look at her I could tell she was serous so I did it I cut my arm.

“Again” she said this time when I look at her she didn't have that. I’ll kill you in less than a minute stair on. So I didn't do it she grabs me and yanks my cut up. “I only needed one cut bitch.”  she whispers in my ear sending a shiver down my spine. she grabs a bottle of hot souse and pours the whole thing on my arm a scream knowing that was exactly what she wanted. I hated giving it to her. It was stupid she throw me to the gowned.

 I stay there. “Don’t bother coming up stair to night if you do I’ll just do it again and I already ate so no dinner.”  she walks away.

 ah I hated her if I can find a place to live I will run away when we get to London hell a box is better than here.  

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