My lie oops life

this is the story of Annie ray and jade her best friend they are both in abusive homes Annie ray with her abusive uncle and jade a abusive mom who is also a drunk they live very similar lives the tormenting (aka jade"s mom and Annie's uncle) work at the same company when that company move to london will they get a new start or a bad ending lets find out


2. not even our hole day



Bee bee my alarm went off

“Get up you don’t want to look bad at school like yesterday not that you could help it much at least if you wake up now you could try” my aunt Lilly says walking past my door flipping her blond hair ok am I the only one in my town who still has red hair I get up and start brushing my hair I look and myself in the mirror and see a girl with pail but not to pail skin light red hair with natural blond streaks in it messy curls and freckles

I walk to the kitchen to start breakfast the look at the time it was 5:30 am I wake up at this time to cook for my uncle I started the eggs will lessening to music I finish breakfast and set it on the table as I hear uncle mat’s footsteps running to fixing his coffee

He walks in “what’s for breakfast”

“Eggs and coffee” I say shaking

he walks up “I wonted pancakes can’t you do anything right you dumb ass bitchy ass slut he backhands me I fall to the ground he kicks me go clean up he screams I don’t want to see you again today”

I scramble to get up before he hits me again to late woof was all I heard as he hit my cheek I could taste blood I think the inside of my cheek busted I run to my room looking in my mirror this time I saw a big burses from where he had hit me I pull up my shirt and saw a burse from where he kicked me and scrapes and cuts from when he had cut me I look at my face again I grab the consoler and put it on the burses and the do the rest of my make-up the look at the clock 6:40 I was going to have to run to get on the bus I walk down the stairs and look I didn’t see uncle mat so I ran for the door I got out without seeing any of my so called gardens I ran as fast my short 4’10 stator would allow I get on the bus and sit in the very last set and try not to be noticed but no

“So Annie what your daddy doing still working in constitution” I hear I voice I know all too well one of my long time tormenters he has been being a ass to me sent I come to this school but

then again the only person who has been nice to me was jade my best friend jade was here when I got here and she stuck up for me agents Christopher the very boy who was talking to me now

I look at him smiling “yes he is and to answer another question yes I’m very very proud of him”

Him and his little posy looked at me dumb founded like they usually did when I actually talked back to them till one of them finally found something smart to say back

“Well I wouldn’t be proud of a brook loser” one of his posies says

Oh there making it so very easy today “it doesn’t mater how much money you have if you have a loving family who supports you and he is continuing his fathers business his father died in the army protecting our country so I I’m very so very proud of him if you have a problem with that that’s you and yours” I say putting them down not even having to use one bad word or mean word they stair again speech less

“well at less we aren’t ugly gingers” says another of my many and I do mean many tormenters Ashley Christopher’s sister  this girl could make Barbie feel insurer she has bleach blond hair pretty tan skin is 5’5 a size 2 and the most popular girl in the history of the school so when she starts I almost never fight back

“What’s wrong Annie nothing to say cat got your tong” she says mocking me for not talking I look away out the window “what you looking at oh the say mocking my very being”

Pretty soon she stopped and returned to her set everyone was laughing she had won and would always win in a battle of words but I wish I could get her in a real fight I could win there as much as I have to go thought at home I could take any of these petty asses punch but that was just a thought it would never happen just like me getting a boyfriend or concert tickets to see avril lavigne my favorite singer but I dismiss those thoughts

Jade’s pov

“Wake up you peace of shit,” I hear my mom say. I get up and brush my hair I get almost done barding it when my mom walks in.

“Look peace of shit” I think she thinks my name is peace of shit. I turn to face her not looking her in the eyes.

“What” I say. 

“Don’t talk to me like that.” she back hands me making my hole face turn, then she grabs me buy my hair slamming my head agents the wall of my room repeatedly. I try to stand no wrong move she kicks me. I try again but get kicked this goes on for a good 5 minutes her telling me to get up.  Finally while I spit up blood she walks out of my room saying.  “p.s little bitch we are moving to London tomorrow after school the plain leaves.” I finally get up and get dressed and my make-up done so the burses and cut won’t show at school. I walk to the end of my drive way as the bus pulls up. I get on and sit in first empty set I come to. I sit down and look out the window I don’t want to move this was the place my dad wanted me to live aaaaa I hate her.

“So jade what’s on today’s agenda going to pour soup all over Ashley or something?”  Says a girl I barley know obviously one of Ashley’s minions though. She was mocking what I had done to stick up for my best friend Annie.

“No maybe I’ll just tack a more direct route and break your nose.” I say most of the people at the school got scared of me after my dad died, because I went Goth and if you have ever seen a mixed Goth before then you would understand. Then I poured my lunch on the most popular girl in school. In my defense I told her to back off or I would do it so now everyone takes all my threats to heart but Annie. So the girl backs up and stays quit the rest of the time we are on the bus.

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