My lie oops life

this is the story of Annie ray and jade her best friend they are both in abusive homes Annie ray with her abusive uncle and jade a abusive mom who is also a drunk they live very similar lives the tormenting (aka jade"s mom and Annie's uncle) work at the same company when that company move to london will they get a new start or a bad ending lets find out


4. London


Annie’s pov

I was now crying he looks at me and the walks out screaming for me to cook. All the pain from where he had hit kicked or slammed me come to me. I stand stumbling a little, I go to the medicine cabinet and get out the first aid kit I look at the cut it was bleeding bad I wipe the blood away seeing it full on. It wasn't that bad I put the cleaning stuff on it the rap it in a bandage. Then I walk to the stove I cook dinner and put it on the table. Stabling to my room I look at it there was nothing there but my bed no blanket nothing the rest was packed I lay on my bed and soon fall asleep. Lilly wakes me up the next Morning.

Telling me to get ready, I grab the bag my make up was in and go to the bathroom. I do that then go to the box my clothes were in and grab out my aro pull over a tee-shirt and jeans. I put them on and we go to the airport. I see jade and wave her mom was yelling at her so she didn't wave back. We get on the plain and just 10 short hours we were in London. I get off the plain a little dizzy and as I walk through the tunnel. I start to fall I fell on a boy with curly hair he looked so cute oh I hate embarrassing  myself.

He court me “oh you OK.”

“Yeah just dizzy that’s all” I say.

“Well would you like me to help you to a sit it helps” he says through a thick husky British ascent. I look uncle mat was already at the taxi that was supposed to take me to my new hell.

“No maybe next time” I say hoping my southern ascent didn't sound to dumb.

 OK my names ha” he goes to say before someone.

Screaming “harry” runes up “we have to go naill is hungry and we just pulled him away from some hot chick so come on” he looks at me.

“I guess this is bye” I say.

“No he says I’ll see you again I know It.” he answers even thought it wasn't a question. I stumble to were uncle mat is waiting. We go to the new house I look at it dang it was huge we walk in a real state lady walks in.

“Fallow me I’ll give you the tour. “she says we walk through the kitchen. It was huge and had all stainless still appliances. The living room was next very modern looking then a few bathrooms. Then we go up stairs we go in a guest room and a bath room. Then she goes in my room the thing was as big as my and Beth’s room at my momma and daddy’s ,and it had its own bathroom and walk in closet. I love it but I would love a cardboard box if it was with momma and daddy. It still hurt to think about them letting me go so I dismiss the thought.

Jade pov

When she left I quickly run cold water over the cut letting it run till it no longer stung from the hot souse. Then I walk to the couch she had told me not to go up stairs so I would be sleeping here. I dose off soon thinking of leavening in London and never coming back to her. The next morning I wake up to movers I guess they got there before my mother decided to wake me up.

“Wake up hunny” she says wakening me so they could move the couch.

“Is it coming with us” I ask will the people were here it would be safe. Actually she wanted me to do stuff like that so we looked normal.

“No the are furnishing the houses they bout for us to live in” she said. 

OK the movers get all the stuff and it goes in to 2 different trucks. The one that’s taking the stuff to London, and the other to good will. We get in the car and ride to the airport in silence when we get there she started yelling at me about not embarrassing her. Then I saw Annie walk passed she waved I didn't dare move she would get it. We get on the plain and 10 hours later we were in London. When we go to get off the plain my mother striped me.  I fall and hit my head it starts to bleed a little.


“Are you OK love” I hear a cute Irish ascent say offering his hand to help me.

“Yeah I’ll be fine” I say.

“Well my names” he was interrupted by some guys saying something about some place called nandos.

“Well I have to go I hope I see you again beautiful” he says walking away. Then I get up and go to the taxi that is supposed to take me to my so called new home. We get there and a real a state lady walks in to give us a tour. the there was a big kitchen with new appliances ,and a huge living room that had a flat screen TV .then we went up stairs there was 2 rooms up there one for me and then the master. My room was huge it had a walk in closet, and its own bathroom. The bath tub had jets, and there was a shore that could have fit like 5 people not that I’m counting.

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