My lie oops life

this is the story of Annie ray and jade her best friend they are both in abusive homes Annie ray with her abusive uncle and jade a abusive mom who is also a drunk they live very similar lives the tormenting (aka jade"s mom and Annie's uncle) work at the same company when that company move to london will they get a new start or a bad ending lets find out


5. it's party time not that we want to go


Annie’s pov

Instead I try to get on the big king sized bed with they had put new pretty purple sheets on. I try jumping no it was too tall to finally I put one foot on the wooden bed frame and the pulled myself up as if I was mounting a horse. Not that I would be doing that again probable. I lay there as aunt Lilly says that uncle mat’s boss will come over, and when he does I’m to say thank you I node and go with it she leaves. Then a few minutes later I hear the front door close so I now the real a state lady was gone uncle mat walks in.

“My boss and some co-worker and there kid will be here in 3 hours cook and make it right this time” he say so demanding.

 OK” I go to walk past him he trips me. I fall down the stairs.

 AAA aunt Lilly screams you’re going to get blood on the floor no.” she pushes me up and toward the kitchen. I walk in the kitchen and start to cook I fix finger food then go to my room. I look at the closet it had a vanity that was beautiful. I go to aunt Lilly

“How should I dress” I ask.

“It’s going to be fancy I’m wearing that new dress I bout I guess you could try to do something with that” she says. Gesturing to my whole body I walk back up stairs my uncle is standing my door.

“wh I mean sir” I say.

“I wanted to tell you something before the party” he says.

 OK” I say

“your parents aren't here anymore to protect you that means I have free ran to do whatever the hell I want just felt like telling you.” he walks out I’m shaking like a leave. I go get ready I do my make-up and fix my curly hair then look for a dress to weir. I find the dress my momma had given to me to weir to a dance to school last year. I didn't go I look at the dress it was a purple number with this lacy stuff with flowers on the lacy stuff it was short above the knee. I wore it with the only shoes I had to mach a pair of black boots ankle high when I was finished. I went down stairs.

Jade’s pov

I walk out of the bath room to hear the front door close well there goes my good day. My mother walks in.

“Get ready there is going to be a party with all my co-worker and my boss so look nice that means a dress. She steps closer garbing me by my hair pulling me back to look her in the eye don’t you dare make me look bad” she said.

 OK” I say she lets go and walks out to get ready. First I shower then look at the sink and mirror I noticed there was a vanity in the corner. I walk into my room and grab my make-up bag then put it on all but my eye shadows. I wanted to pick my dress first. I pick out a blue dress navy blue to be exact it had a weird bottom. That in the front it above my knee in the back it was to my shin and it was flows with a gold belt that was thin I thought it was beautiful. I did my eye shadow in blue and wore gold flat. When I was done I went down stairs my mother walks down next. Then we go to one of her co-workers house we walk in and it wasn't long till I fond Annie.

Both pov

“So who’s house”” jade asked.

“Mine want the tour” Annie said.

“Shout anything to get away from my mother” jade says.

 “ OK follow me” Annie says.

We go up to Annie’s room.

“Wow its huge can you even get on the bed” Jade asked Annie.

“Yeah but its hard Annie admits” as jade gets on the bed laying there then Annie climes up too.

“Do you ever want to run away and never come back” jade asks.

“No if I can’t I love my parents to much” Annie answers.

“Well I do and as soon as I find some were to go I am” jade says.

“Will I now where you are” Annie asked.

“Yeah but you will be the only one so don’t tell anyone” jade says.

“What are you going to quit school” Annie asks.

“No I’ll do home schooling on the computer” jade says.

They sit there “we need to go down stairs I have to go say thank you to uncle mat’s boss or he will kick my butt but after that want to sneak out I saw a coffee shop less than a mile back” Annie says.

“Shore I should thank him to so mother won’t get pissed” jade says.

They go down stairs and the first person they see is mr.cowell.

“Hi mr.cowell we just wanted to say thank you for the new houses” they say.

“Oh it quit alright and call me simen girls” he said. They walk away and toward the back of the crowed they could walk out the back door without anyone noticing. They did when they finally get to the coffee shop. We go in and sit down we had no money but wanted so badly to get out and away from them at that little town of houses. In almost everyone there was someone who hated us. We sit talk and even laugh a little it is surprising what can happen when you away from some people. It had been an hour and to be safe we decided to head back. We get up and walk almost out the door when we got bumped. We fell Annie in to a guy and jade at a guy’s feet.

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