My lie oops life

this is the story of Annie ray and jade her best friend they are both in abusive homes Annie ray with her abusive uncle and jade a abusive mom who is also a drunk they live very similar lives the tormenting (aka jade"s mom and Annie's uncle) work at the same company when that company move to london will they get a new start or a bad ending lets find out


9. going to my new home


Jade pov

When we finally got off the ground we brushed our self’s off remembering we were in dresses we walked back to the restaurant then found the car niall and harry had come in

“So what do you think of me living with niall” I asked Annie

“I love the idea” Annie says

“Good well I hope you don’t get in trouble tonight” I say

“Well I won’t” Annie says

“What” I ask

“I coming with you” Annie say “well I’m staying with harry”

“You told him” I about scream

“No he invited me just for tonight you dummy” she says

“Oh well I hope you have fun” I say winking and laughing a little

“Oh no” Annie says blushing a little as she pushes past harry to get in the car but he stops her

“You will be sitting shotgun” harry says

“Cool” Annie says still blushing

Me and niall get in the back and hold hands the whole way to my new home 

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