My lie oops life

this is the story of Annie ray and jade her best friend they are both in abusive homes Annie ray with her abusive uncle and jade a abusive mom who is also a drunk they live very similar lives the tormenting (aka jade"s mom and Annie's uncle) work at the same company when that company move to london will they get a new start or a bad ending lets find out


6. betrayal


Annie’s pov

“Oh I’m so sorry I got pushed I didn't mean to” I say.

“Oh it’s fine love it’s quit usual for me” I heir a very formula husky British voice say.

“Oh hi you’re the girl from the airport early this morning” he says “i never did get your name”.

“Oh its Annie ray but you can call me anything from Ann to ray to anything” I say. I was now standing and could see him a lot better not dizzy or in his arms. He was actually pretty cute he had curly brown hair and piercing green eyes. They look so bright nothing like mine I hated my eyes. They we’re green but had blue brown and gold mixed in. they we too light and not all green like his. He was tall well compared to me a 4 foot 10 inch doff. He actually looked formula not like from this morning, but somewhere else ah I’ll figure it out later.

“Well Annie ray I’m harry would you like to sit down I would really in joy talking to you” he says in that beautiful husky voice. 

“Well me and my friend were leaving I” say will looking over to jade who was looking at me silently pleading with me to stay. “I guess we could stay a little” I say.

Me and harry go sit at a table far enough not to heir there conversation, but still close. He pulls out the chair like a true gentleman. I sit down as he pushes the chair up with easy. Then sits down he looks at me with those eyes.

“So tell me about yourself Annie ray” harry says.

“Well I lived in a small town in Alabama. Called horse creek falls. My momma and daddy still live. There I’m here with my aunt and uncle. I love horse back riding and camping. I ‘m not your normal girl I’m tough a solder I say. What about you harry. “

“Well I live in homeschaple most of my life. I’m in a band and when it took off I moved here in a flat down the hall from Louis. One of my 4 best friend’s niall (he pointed to the guy with jade) is across the hall then its Liam and zayn. I really like to sing so I’m living my dream. I love swimming and just hanging out with friends oh and I’m 18 I’ll turn 19 February the 1 in 2 mouths almost” he says. I could barely pay his words any attention he voice was so …..  Ah.

“Cool what you said you we’re in a band what band” I say. Already feeling dumb for asking.

“Ha-ha one direction he” says, and it all clicked I had seen him before he was on every girl’s locker In my old school.

“Omg you are on every locker and my school well old school and only the girl’s lockers but you get the point” I say.

“Hahaha he laughs I’m on in yours” he asks.

“No I’m pretty shout if you were in my locker everyone would quit likening you and one direction” I say completely omits but I think he didn't believe me.

“Na” he says as I turn my head so I could flip my hair. Then I see jade crying I jump up running to her. Yeah she was older but we have an unspoken law to protect each other we when thought blackly the same thing at home. Yeah she didn’t every tell me her mom was been beating her but I knew. I saw the broses on her arm when her sleeve slides and I’m sure she has seen mine when you’re in that kind of thing you get good at noticing the signs. So I didn’t think twice about running to her rescue.

“What happened” I say looking at jade. Then I notice the tears about to fall from niall’s eyes and calmed slightly. “What’s up jade” I ask. Looking her in the eyes she does not answer. So I turn I attention to niall. “What happened” I ask a little more force in my voice not like before when I yelled at him. He just looks at me and shakes his head.

“I can’t tell you” niall says turning his focus back to jade.

You can’t tell me. You can’t tell me. I walk up to him he was a good 10 inches taller than me but I didn’t care right now. Right now the only thing that mattered was me finding out what was wrong with my best friend my sister the only real family I had here. I grab his caller and pull him down to my level. I didn’t know how he could fight but I knew I could tack any hit.

“I don’t think you understand if she told you something I already know whatever it is and I need you to tell me what so I can help her” I say trying with all my might not to hit him. Wow I really have some anger issues. I’ll have to deal with that later.

“I can’t I promised” niall say well at least I know we could trust him not to tell anything we tell him.

I see jade stand up “I told him” she says in my ear. I let go and turn to look at her I what seems to be one swift motion.

“What” I say looking her in the eye even though I had to look up to her I had to look higher to see niall’s or harry’s eyes.

She looks at me “I told him about my mom and dad the people at school you everything.” I froze I couldn’t feel anything but pain had my best friend really just betrayed me. Like that telling a boy she had know for an hour maybe. I turn away from her not wanting anyone to see me now not like this I was to strong to let them see me cry. So I ran I ran away from that terrible restaurant. I ran till I saw a park or I guessed it was a park it had trees and they were spaced out pretty like a park. So I ran to what looked like the easiest tree to clime and claimed it. I claimed high so I would not be seen.

Jade pov

I fell at some boy’s feet I looked up and saw a formula face. It was that boy from the air port the one who offered to help me when my mother had tripped me. He was staring at me.

“Hi love” he says offering his hand to help me up once again. I tack his hand and get up.

“We’re you just out there waiting for me to fall so you could help me” I ask.

“Na I just walked in” he says “would you like to sit and eat” he asked.

“Yeah wait I’m here with a friend” I say looking over to Annie pledging to stay. She was talking to some guy but she nodded saying we could go. So we walk over to a table far enough away that we couldn’t heir them.

“So what’s your name” he asks.

“Jade you” I say.

“Niall tell me something about you jade” niall asks with that cute ashen I had noticed it in the air port, but now it was so much worse but I liked it like his blue eyes. I ant ever seen eyes that blue.

“Well I’m from a small town in Alabama I moved here with my mom and my dad is dead it’s been 4 years” I say that was really all I could tell him.

“Oh sorry anything else I want to know everything I promise I won’t tell anyone” he says had he seen through me or did he see my mother trip me.

“How about I hear about you first” I say avoiding the subject.

“Well I’m from Ireland I have a older brother Greg I love to sing and play guitars I’m in the band one direction” he says.

“That’s where I know you from” I say.

“Yeah I live in a flat not too far from here next to me in Liam then zayn and across the hall is harry (he pointed to the boy Annie was talking to telling me he was harry) and then next to him Is Louis. My parents are great and very supportive of us and that’s it really” he said how about you.

“Well there’s nothing really to tell you” I say.

“I know there is come on tell me I’ll keep it secret” he says.

But when he had he had a look I had only seen o 2 people in my life one was dead and the other was sitting a few tables away. Before I saw it I was had decided no but next thing I know I was telling him.

“Well my dad was my protector when he was home nothing bad happened but if he was away for any reason my mother would beat me and all kinds of other bad things when he died it got worse she is doing it on a daily bases now she hits me kicks me cuts me burns me slams in agents things you name it she has done it then there’s Annie I’m sure someone is beating her or something is going on and I think it’s her uncle but we don’t talk about it ever it just we I silently know about each other” I say by this time I was balling my eyes out. Looking at him. I could see he was holding back tears. That’s when I hear someone running then next thing Annie is here.

 Yelling “What happened.” 

I don’t answer she turns to niall.

And asks again he says “I can’t tell.”

She is getting mad I now we had a unspoken rule to protect each other out here in the real world. She was just doing her job. I look up from crying tear still pouring down my cheeks. I see her grab niall’s shirt pulling him to her level. “Look niall whatever she told you I already now I need you to tell me so I can help her” she said trying her hardest not to hit him. I stand up as

He says “I promised.”

Well at lest we know he can keep a secret. I walk to Annie and whisper in her ear I told him everything, about my dad my mother. The people at school and you everything in a split second she had let goes of niall and turned to face me. A look of hurt of betrayal and in that moment I noticed I had just told my best friend and only real family I had left’s biggest secret. She turns away from me and runs out.

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