My lie oops life

this is the story of Annie ray and jade her best friend they are both in abusive homes Annie ray with her abusive uncle and jade a abusive mom who is also a drunk they live very similar lives the tormenting (aka jade"s mom and Annie's uncle) work at the same company when that company move to london will they get a new start or a bad ending lets find out


1. all about us


Annie pov 

Have you ever felt like that ugly duckling of your life, I have. I’m 14 almost 15 I have long curly red hair and when I say long I mean to the bottom of my butt. I love it. My momma loves long hair so I almost never cut it. I’m very pale I look like a long haired ginger. I live with my aunt and uncle in horse creek falls Alabama. We live in a big Georgia mansion style house in the middle of the woods. So there is a lot of space to hide from the World. Oh and no my parents aren't dead they are alive. I see them every day almost, but they have me live with my aunt and uncle to learn manners and how to be a lady. They don’t understand I don’t want to be a lady, not if it means I can’t be me . Or have it lie and act like I like every one when I really don’t. I have a few friend, not that anyone noticed. My momma asks about them I tell her there nice. I have made a few mistakes here it seem like a lot more though. My daddy tells me to be a soldier and push through. His dad was a soldier, he tells me all the stories about him. He died when my momma was pregnant with my sister. She’s 19 and one of the reasons I’m here, not that she knows that or that I would tell her. My momma was 17 when  she was born, my daddy was 18 working in his dads constitution company. He runs it now. My name is Annie Ray welcome to my lie oh I mean life

jade pov 

Have you ever felt like intruder in your home? I have I’m. My 15 I have long caramel colored hair and dark eyes I have light skin. I live with my mother my dad dead 4 years ago even though it sense like a sentry. I live in a middle size house in house creek falls Alabama. I wish I could run away and live some were else, but every time I try it’s such a small town they find me and take me back to her. Why her I don’t what to be with her she is evil. I wish she would have died not my dad. I sit in my room hoping she won’t come home. My dad was so different. He would hold me when I cried. He would kiss my cuts and sores. He told me stories, tucked me in kept her away made sour I was OK  She is nothing like him. She hates me she wishes I was dead. I can’t blame her though I do to sometimes. the kids at school hate me, because I stuck up for a new girl. Who are now my best friend and a better friend then any of them could ever hope to be? I don’t care that they don’t like me. I’m jade marry smith welcome to your worst dream and my life 


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