The Tale of Johnny Amberthy

'Where do I begin with Johnny Amberthy? Where do I begin with a tempter of fate?'


1. Letters to the editor

Dear Mr. Stolkholm,

A few weeks ago, you sent me five letters concerning the matter that went about with Johnathon Amberthy and Lockwood House.

Firstly, I apologise for the rather late response to your eagerly awaiting newspaper, but I'm afraid you must excuse me. These days, I fill my time up with social and work events that can distract me from the terrible reality that occurred on that estate, and I do not plan to change my actions for an amateur journalist such as yourself. 

Secondly, I think it vital for you to excuse me, for I prefer (as stated above) to shut out the time in that estate - for the matters that occurred there just don't do in this modern age society that is fast developing into a new one.

I fear that you will be disappointed by the response I give you, but what happened in Lockwood house will remain between the people who went there - dead or alive.

Before I finish off, I want to make it clear that when we went into that cursed house we were all completely sane. It is deeply insulting for you to think any differently. I suggest you refrain from mentioning in any of your articles about our lack of sanity on the project, or there will be severe consequences from my lawyer. 

Everything in that house was real.

How could two of my closest acquaintances die from something that is not?

Sincerest Regards,

Percival Wakefield.




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