Banned Love

I don't know why I love him. If anyone finds out, they would kill me. No one must find out...


5. Ugly

I walked over to the creek and cupped my hands into bowls and dumped them in the water. I washed my face and neck. I was about to take a sip when I heard people talking. I look over and see, far of in the distance, there was a group of french man. I quickly got up and started to run. I guess they saw because while I was running I could hear them running and chasing me. I tripped over a root and twisted my ankle. I couldn't get up, the pain hurt to much. I could hear them getting closer and closer. I started crawling my way to the camp. But I was too slow. They caught up to me. There was a total of three of them.

"Look what we got here." One of the men said. He was smaller compared to the others, but still very muscular. He had white hair and a huge ugly scar across his face. His eyes were big and had an evil glare. He had an evil smile while he was staring at me. 

"And what is your name, sweaty?" Another man said. He was bigger and muscular than the others. He had the ugliest face I have ever seen. Part of his skin on his face was missing, and half of his leg was gone. He had the most scariest smiling I have ever seen.

"W-W-What are y-y-you doing h-h-here? T-This is no p-p-place for a g-girl like y-y-you." Said the last man. He stutters some of the words. He wasn't ugly like the others, but still had a mean look to his face. He had nothing missing, no scars, just small scratches on his face. They were all wearing the same thing, and had the same weapons. Blue coats and white pants with black boots. They all had big guns pointing right at me. 

"What do you want?" I asked. I was slowly crawling away. The big one took me bye the hair and pulled me up.

"Where do you think your going?" He asked. He brought up his hand and slapped me across the cheek. I screamed, it felt like someone threw hot coal on my cheek and just left it there. He did it again, but this time on the other cheek. I screamed again."Next time don't run away from me, okay?" He said. They all started to laugh.

"What do you think your doing?" Said a voice from behind me. It was Samuel's voice.

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