Banned Love

I don't know why I love him. If anyone finds out, they would kill me. No one must find out...


3. Hidden

There are a lot of trees in woods. All kinds, oaks, pine, maple, cherry, all of them. I find small and large rocks lying everywhere, and some with moss on its side. There are branches lying everywhere, with worm and bugs underneath them. I look up at the sky and see that its going to get dark soon. I take some wood where the man is and go out looking for some water.

A little down ways were we are, I find a small creak. I kneel next the the creek and take a sip of water. I see fish swimming through the creak. I wash them for a minute and then look up. On the other side of the creek, there is a bucket. I stand up and jump across the creek. I look around to make sure no ones there, and jump across the creek with the bucket. I fill it up and walk back to the camp. I set the bucket of water next to the man and dig in my apron pocket. I find a needle and a lot of string. I lay it down next to him and look in the tree for some cob webs. I take all the cob webs I could find and lay'd it next to the man.

I look up to the mans face and notice it for the first time. He had brown hair and freckles. He was very tan, and was very good looking. I quickly turn from his face and down to his chest. I take of his coat and bloody shirt, there was a huge gash from his shoulder across his chest. I ripped a piece of my apron and dip it in the water. I gently washed some of the blood on his chest. He stirred a little but didn't open his eyes. I took the string and put it through the needle. Just when I was about to sew it up, he awoke and sat up with a start.

"What are you doing? Who are you?" He said.

"My name is Kathrine. I was about to sew up your wound until you woke up. Lay back down so I can finish it, alright?" I said. I pushed him back down.

"How do I know if your not going to kill me?" He said.

"First off, I can't bring myself to kill anyone. And second, if I wanted you dead, I would've left you on the side of the street where the battle is happening. Now be quite!" I said. I took the needle and start to sew up the wound. The mans face scrunched up in pain. Once I finished sewing it up, I tied a not at the end to make it stay. I take the cob webs and lay them over the wound. I ripped the cloth from my apron and wrapped it around his wound and tied it in the back.

"What are the cob webs for?" He said. His face was still scrunched up in pain, and he tried to sit up which made it worse.

"Don't try to sit up. Lay back down." I push him back down softly." The cob webs are to stop the bleeding. Now you need to get some rest. You will feel better in the morning." I said. He nodded and closed his eyes. I got up and piled the wood. I take some matches from my apron and started a fire. I lay'd down and fell asleep.

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