Banned Love

I don't know why I love him. If anyone finds out, they would kill me. No one must find out...


2. Finding him

"I'll be right back Mother. I have to get some more medicine, don't try to move." I said to mother.

"Okay honey, be care full. Make sure no french man sees you." Mother said, in a slow creaky voice. She started to cough.

"Mother! Don't try to speak anymore, okay?" I said. She nodded and relaxed back in bed. I said bye and waked out the door.

"Okay, I will need to go to the doctor. And then to the bakery for some bread, and to the dairy." I said to myself. I walked a little ways down to Dr. Bay. 

"Hello Kathrine. How is your mother doing?" Dr.Bay said.

"She is doing fine, well as fine as she has been. I just need more medicine, we are out of it." I said. I sat down while Dr.Bay went to get the medicine. When he came back, he handed me the medicine. 

"That will be $1.24." He said. I handed him the money and said thank you. I walked out the door towards the dairy.

                               *                *                  *

"Okay I have everything that I need." I said. I started walking down the street when I saw a man. He was lying down on the ground, he was lying in a puddle of blood. 

"Oh My Goodness!" I shrieked. I ran up to the man. He was face down in the blood.I started to lift him over onto his back when I saw his coat. He was a french man. He was a enemy of the thirteen colonies. I slowly started to walk away. I started to run up the street, but then I saw that there where a french army coming up the road. I ran up the other way, but then the English was coming up the other road. I ran into the woods, but then I saw the french man.

I couldn't just leave him to die, could I? No I can't. I ran up to the man and started pulling him towards the woods. When we were in the woods, the English and the French met each other. The french man started to get up but then fell down. I helped him up and started we started walking. I was half carrying him half helping him walk. I could here the guns shooting in the distance. I carried him out far into the woods, I couldn't keep on carrying him and he was about to pass out. Once we were far away from the fight, I sat him  lay'd him down. Once I put him down his eyes started to shut.

"No, no, no! Don't die on me now!" I said. I put my head to his chest and heard his heart beating."Oh good! He is not dying." I said. I rested his head down in the ground. Okay, now what am I going to do? What have I done? He is the enemy! But, I couldn't just let him die out there.

I went around looking for something to help the mans wounds.

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