The Sickness

John was a normal 13 year old kid. But then the Sickness came. Normal people became mindless savages,children were forced to man up , food and water became the most valuble things on the planet. Anarchy ruled. When John and his small group of survivors are overrun all hope seems lost. But then a mysterious saviour appears...


6. Epilogue

The mysterious man in a lab coat watched the events from a safe distance. He wrote everything down in small notebook. He saw the fight watching intently at the fight the man put up. Thinking he would get away he cursed. But luckily he was overpowered. Then he noted with great interest a zombie's behaviour. It had the woman in its grasp but stopped as if not wanting to feed,to infect,to kill. Then spoiling it the woman smashed a glass against its head. She had darted away and the zombie reverted back to its original state. But he had some evidence that zombies remembered some things. "The General will be pleased", thought to himself. A twig snapped. His hand went to his knife but not quick enough. He turned his head round. A dark wet patch appeared on his pants. He screamed twice then stopped. A dull thunk sounded followed by a deep roar. His head had been seperated from his neck along with the spine. A fountain of blood spurted. The creature bathed itself in the blood. A bloodstained lab coat fluttered in the wind.  



              THE END?

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