The Sickness

John was a normal 13 year old kid. But then the Sickness came. Normal people became mindless savages,children were forced to man up , food and water became the most valuble things on the planet. Anarchy ruled. When John and his small group of survivors are overrun all hope seems lost. But then a mysterious saviour appears...


4. Chapter 3: Haven

Harry saw what had happened. He felt sorry for Jack that only his son John had survived. Even though there was room in the car now Laura and Emily ( Jacks daughter ) didnt have to die. Harry started walking out. Then he started running. So did Paul,Jack and John. Because there was 40 zombies shuffling down the street. No exageration. " Get in the car! " Screamed Harry. " I'll drive ". John clambered into the car followed by Jack and Paul. Harry drew his handgun and expertly took five of the freaks down,jumped in the drivers seat ,put the key in and changed gear. Reversing back he mowed down 2 more zombies and spun round driving off into the sunset. When the zombies where a long way away Jack started fiddling with the radio. Harry started laughing. " Why you laughing?" asked Jack suspiciously. " Your using a radio during a zombie apocalypse so it wont work ", Said Harry splutering with laughter. " Thats not very funny ", Said Paul. " And something might come up anyway ", Said Jack. " Whatever ", Said Harry shakeing his head.  

                                  4  Miles Later

  crrrk crrrrrkkkkkkkkk bzzzzt crrrrk - the last safe place known as Haven is under attack please we need help there breaking in there breaking in oh God please please help.if theres anyone out there we need help theres 50 of them help we havent got many fighteres help help no George George no no hes dead hes dead help us were five miles outside of town to the North help please help us ahhhhhhno theyve got me - crrrrrrrrrkkkkkkkkkkkkk bzzzzzzzzt crrrrrrrrrkkkkk. " The radio! " said Harry shocked. " We have got to go help them ", Said John. " Hes right they said it was safe ", Said Paul. " What  about the zombies that were attacking them ", Said Jessica. " We cant just wander around in the car we'll run out of diesel ", Said Jack. Harry thought about it. " Lets go " 

                       1 Mile Later

 Harry immediatly saw the problem. 50 zombies were crowded round a big gate with 3 metre high walls. They couldent climb the walls and the heavy metal gates could take a beating but not forever. There was now dents in it and smears of blood. A smaller crowd of around 5  or 6 zombies had broke into a hut outside the fortress and were greadily eating something. " Must have been the radio guys ", said Harry. He got out the car. " Hey old man do you have a rifle in your trunk? " He asked. " Yeah for emergencys why? " Asked Paul. " So you can use that and give your handgun to Jack while I use both of mine ", said Harry. " Wait I cant shoot accuratly ", said Jack. " you did fine at that gun club " " They where not trying to eat me were they " " Just wait here then ", Said Harry. Harry moved forward. He knew he might be about to die but he had to make sure his son would be safe. Drawing his guns from their holsters he noticed the guns had silencers. He already knew he had them on but only just acknowleged the fact. Same with the rifle. He smiled. This was gonna be a whole lot easier. He quickly dispatched of the group by the hut and took down about 10 in the bigger group. A fat middle aged guy turned round with a look of suprise when Paul got him in the eye with the rifle. Jack walked forward and shot 2 more before missing a third. It hit another which then turned round growling angrily. Jack shot two more before running back to the car. Harry stood his ground killing another 10 before backing away.Paul had killed 10 more with his rifle so they had together killed 35 zombies.There was 15 left when suddenly the car started and ran over them all. While the others in the car had been watching outside little baby Tom had got out of his seat  and played with the handbrake till it rolled towards the zombies gathering speed as it went. It rolled over them breaking skulls and crushing bones. Little Tom was delighted and even more happy when Harry ran over threw open the car doors and hugged him tightly. Just then the gates opened. A man clad in black came out with two armored guards. " You have helped us greatly and we would like to repay you by inviteing you into our home ", said the man sweeping back his hood to reveal the face of General J.Jackson.            






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