The Sickness

John was a normal 13 year old kid. But then the Sickness came. Normal people became mindless savages,children were forced to man up , food and water became the most valuble things on the planet. Anarchy ruled. When John and his small group of survivors are overrun all hope seems lost. But then a mysterious saviour appears...


3. Chapter 2: Outbreak

Paul fired twice in the male zombies chest. It stumbled but carried on tackling Paul to the floor. His handgun slid across the floor. He grabbed his knife and slit its throat but still it carried on. " Come on Paul think you didnt get 5 medals for nothing ", Paul thought " What was it that killed them in the films ". The head! Gripping the knife tightly he stabbed the zombie cleanly through the eye. Pushing it off him he surveyed the scene. Jack was muttering to himself about John and Harry was checking June was dead. She definitly was. A bullet between the eyes and two stab wounds on the scalp. " Why didnt you help ", said Paul angrily. " You looked fine ", Said Harry. " Is the old man scared hes getting rusty " " Very funny now lets get out of here ",Retorted Paul. " Yeah I need to get to John ", said Jack. " Dont forget Adam ",Said Paul " What about Tom hes only a baby? " We will get to them all now lets get out of here ", Said Jack. Paul killed two more zombies both reacently turned. They made it out and wondered which car to take. " Mines faster " said Harry. " " But its only got 5 seats we need my 8 seater ",Said Paul." Fine but what about 1 of the women they will have to stay behind ",Said Harry. " Why one of them how about you! " Shouted Jack " Fine whatever ", said Harry sourly. Paul intervened saying that they should go. Agreeing they went to Pauls picked up Adam,Jessica ( Pauls wife ) , Tom and Holly ( Harrys girlfriend ) and eventually got to Jacks. Paul told Jack and Harry to come with him and looked inside. It stank and a zombie was shuffling along when Paul stabbed it. The blood around its mouth was fresh and fearing the worst walked into the living room. He vomited at the sight and told Jack not to come in. He did anyway and immediatly realized who was strewn across the room. Paul saw the blood trail and hearing a snarl walked into the kitchen. He saw Laura ( Jacks wife ) strugling with John. Even for a fit young boy he was haveing trouble and gave up. Jack and Harry Joined him at the kitchen door while he was drawing his gun. 1 shot right between the eyes and laura rolled off John. Jack stepped forward. " Son I think you better  come with me ", said Jack...        

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