The Sickness

John was a normal 13 year old kid. But then the Sickness came. Normal people became mindless savages,children were forced to man up , food and water became the most valuble things on the planet. Anarchy ruled. When John and his small group of survivors are overrun all hope seems lost. But then a mysterious saviour appears...


2. Chapter 1: Jack

Jack walked down the white corridor. Lab professionals in similar white coats rushed down the corridor as well. Today was a big day. General J.Jackson was coming to see the drug in action. PHOBOS. In Roman and Greek mythology he was the son of Mars ( or Ares ) and was the God of Fear. Appropriate considering what the project name was and what it did. A super soldier. It was in all the comics. Captain America for one. His son John loved comics. Spider-Man was his favorite. Loved Batman as well. " No ",He thought. " Gotta stay on track " He knew the General was a hard man. ( Jack entered his office. ) He wouldn't allow the drug unless he thought it was safe for his men. Personally he thought it was going to fail. All the test subjects either died or they came back ...

                                                    5 minutes later          

" Jack,Jack come quick ! "  Paul Smith Jacks best mate came flying into Jacks office. Paul was head of security and had two sons Adam and Harry Smith. Adam was 13 and Johns best mate while Harry was 23 with a child of his own who was only 2. Harry was Pauls partner and extremly disiplined . He came in as well. " The lab scientists have discovered something in the drug ", Said Paul " Its what takes away the pain it kills the subject then brings them back as zombies " " The General is here now ", Said Harry " And wants to know why its takeing so long " " We cant give someone else the drug they will turn ", Said Jack. " MMWWWWWWWWWHHHHH " There was a high pitched scream followed by a unearthly snarl and the ripping of flesh as well as the  crunching of bone. A mutilated zombie appeared in the door with a chewed up ,ripped off leg slavering everywhere. " Thats one of the dead test subjects ! " Exclaimed Jack. " " Guess he came back anyway ", Said Paul. June ( Jacks secretery )came crawling past missing her leg and the skin off her face exposing the flesh and bone under it. Her once perfect teeth had become vicious canines,her manicured fingernails were now talons and the usual sparkle in her eye was replaced by hungry look with a bloodlust. " Well ", Said Harry drawing his handgun " Looks like he made a friend " " You always did have a dark sense of humour ", said Paul doing the same. " Kill them ", said Jack without emotion. Then his expression softened ...               " John!"       

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