The Sickness

John was a normal 13 year old kid. But then the Sickness came. Normal people became mindless savages,children were forced to man up , food and water became the most valuble things on the planet. Anarchy ruled. When John and his small group of survivors are overrun all hope seems lost. But then a mysterious saviour appears...


1. Prolouge

John was a normal 13 year old kid. Shure his Dad was a world famous scientist and his Mom was a Brilliant Doctor. He still went to high school and had friends. Then his Dad became reclusive. Spending more time with his "secret" project. PROJECT MARS. Developed to be the perfect creation for warfare. Soldiers that were adminstered the drug became strong, fast, fearless and painless. The perfect soldier. John was fascinated. He had been snooping around in his fathers office,came across a folder that said TOP SECRET with the projects name below. He had read all about it. Then he  read on in horror as he saw pictures of failed test subjects. The walking dead. He heard a CRASH from his sisters room. He quickly stuffed the file back in his Dads file locker. Then stumbling out the room he noticed the blood on his sisters floor. He checked inside. No one. " She obviously went downstairs to Mum ", Thought John. Then he heard a creak. It was the first step of the stairs. He walked down. " No one", He thought. " But whats that stench ". Walking into the living room he quickly found out. He stood petrified. There lying on the floor was his sister. Or what was left of her. Body parts were strewn all over the room, her face was a bloody mess. A blood trail led to the kitchen. John paused to vomit then followed the trail. His mother was in there covered in blood and gore. " Mum are you alright ? " Asked John. She turned to face him. Half her face was gone reavealing teeth like daggers. She pounced on him.Her breath was nauseating. John struggled then gave in preparing for the worst. There was a gunshot and his Mom rolled over with a bullet right between the eyes. He looked round. His Dad stood there with 2 heavily armed men, one with a smoking handgun. A dead man lay on the floor who had a bite mark by his neck. " Son I think you better come with me ", Said his Dad.             

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