Four Sages

In a world ruled by a tyrant king and a cultist, poverty and opression are rife. The world is being brought to it's knees. A propechy foretells the coming of four saviors to combat the evil which is attacking the land, but will the propechy ever come true? Even if the four unite, will their differences destroy the land instead of saving it?


2. Part 1: Priestess Of Dawn - Chapter 1

A young woman sat at the foot of a gravestone, the grey cold stone laden with flowers of every colour, scattered in a neat rainbow mess across the stone and the ground surrounding. The woman was sat with another bouquet, a lavish bunch of Forget-Me-Nots. True, the flowers were not common around the hunting grounds of Yī long, but the girl knew her mother buried within the ground loved the fragile petals of the flowers.

“Mother, I have not been able to come here for a while. I have left you without flowers and beauty for far too long. Please forgive me mother.” The girl said, her gentle and quiet voice barely overpowering the gusts of wind that blew the petals of forgotten flowers from forgotten graves across the ground, some settling on her leather boots, the beaten material stopping to cover her legs just under her knees.

“Mǔqīn, shuì bù hǎo jué. Yào zhīdào, wǒ shì nǐ de nǚ'ér hé lóng de nǚ'ér, quèshí huì dǎozhì wǒmen de bùluò. Zhīdào wǒ de zǔmǔ hé nǐ māmā hěn kuài jiù huì jiārù nǐ, wǒ huì bùhé wǒ de juésè hé róngyù. Zài sǐwáng hé shēngmìng, wěidà de guānkàn, wǒmen suǒyǒu." *

The girl bowed after her prayer, and then turned away from her grave, her silver hair whipping to left in the gales, and walked away in complete silence. Twigs occasionally crunched under her feet as she trekked, climbing over boulders and ducking under fell trees. There was no need to disturb the wilderness, as the area had nothing she needed. Only take what you need from nature, and she will restore you with whatever you need, and gift with your desires.

“Where you off to Enlincia?”

The girl spun round, looking like she made a pirouette on her heels, her shawl spinning to reveal her cropped jacket and t-shirt. Her shorts could be seen easily as her shawl, decorated with dragons and ancient symbols only covered up to her waist at the front, leaving a cape of fabric at the back.

“Who’s there?” she called, her voice still not quite managing to project against the gales around her, blowing any loose articles of clothing away from her, making her amethyst pendant of a dragon waver in the wind, and her shawl get dragged away to the left of her body.


Enlincia’s face lit up, and she ran to the source of the voice, a young hunter dangling from a tree above her. He dropped down, landing in front of her with a bunch of Aster flowers. With a peck on one of the flowers, he threw her the flowers. She grasped and caught them, her face going red and he smiled. “In the language of flowers, Asters mean love, dainty and trusting. I think they suit you perfectly.”

“You think I’m dainty.” She replied dully, her eyes slightly narrowed in disapproval. The hunter chuckled, shoving his hands into his pockets. “With that magic of yours you are. It’s a good job the Disciples haven’t got you, I’d be heartbroken. Yet the Priestess sends you with all the commerce to the city, I worry about your safety.”

“I know not to work magic in the cities and towns Wolf. You need to believe in me more than you do. I’m the next Priestess, so you can tell me what I should and shouldn’t do.” She shot back, biting her lip while he grimaced, and dragged her along the path, nearly knocking the flowers out of her hands. “Exactly. Your mother died trying to heal a servant who was mistreated, and therefore the Disciples almost killed the whole tribe once for harbouring magic.”

“But I’m not going to. Leave me be Wolf.” Enlincia said, her eyes narrowed and her hands clenched into fists. The hunter shook his head, and took the woman by her shoulder, shaking her “Remember, if you die, our tribe will be without our next shaman. Your Grandmother is too old to have children, and is soon to pass to the Great Ones. You cannot leave the tribe without a priestess.”

The woman hisses, and the hunter is pushed away by a strong gale. He yelped, and cried out an apology but in vain, as ice crept up his legs, freezing him place, slowly advancing so it was near his chest. “Qǐng bùyào shānghài wǒ! Wǒ qǐngqiú kuānshù!” **

The girl froze, and the ice around him shattered and scattered into the gales. “Xièxiè nǐ, wěidà de shǒuhùzhe nǐ, bìng ràng nǐ miǎn shòu shānghài.***” Wolf said, bowing slightly, and running off towards the hunting grounds. Enlincia sighed and walked on, waiting to see the familiar smoke of the campfire.

Everybody feared her. She was the last of her line, and therefore was the only one who could work magic in her tribe. People feared her abilities, and therefore each Priestess was always a female magic worker. They had many titles, and sometimes they were the downfall of the tribes.

The order had hunted the tribes, for they had magic users in every single tribe, their Priestess. And therefore, Enlincia was not safe working any magic at all. Some tribes had even been betrayed by their own, and this made her reluctant to work any magic at all.

After a while walking aimlessly, she came to a small stream with a dying campfire, it’s once mighty flames reduced to flickering ashes. She dropped to the floor, and sat kindling the fire, poking a twig into the wood to try and relight it. Yes, she could return to the camp, but what was the point in doing so with a fire here?

Eventually, the fire died completely, leaving her with a disappointed and annoyed look. “If… I suppose I could.” She muttered to herself, and then relit the fire, clicking her hands and creating flames in the palm of her hands. The wood caught fire immediately, growing into a roaring flame in the space of seconds, much to her amusement.

However, the arrow which pinned her to the floor was not appreciated at all. She screamed, and then again when another arrow was shot to pin her right sleeve. “Well, well, what have here? We heard the Yī long were hunting here, but we had no idea we catch the Priestess so… Easily. Might as well enjoy you a bit first, right lads?” A man clad in heavy armour sneered, the sun’s rays glinting off his silver armour, the emblem of a winged avenger engraved on the breastplate. Enlincia snarled in denial “I hope the Dread Wolf tears out your heart and gnaws on it for all eternity!”

The man stepped forward quickly, so he stood on her boots, and drew his sword. “Shut your mouth or we’ll sew it fucking shut!” Enlincia growled, and then flicked her wrist so a gale of wind smashed the knight into a nearby rock, the stone shattering from the impact.

Shouts and cries sounded from the rest of his group as the commander slumped, blood trickling from his ears, mouth and nose. “Get away from these lands and never return!” She roared, and then the knights simply laughed and one advanced close enough to swing at her.

It was merely a second before it happened. Instead of the blade even having time to be swung, a white tiger jumped out of the growth, its jaws open in a defiant snarl. The knight merely had enough time to shout a warning before his head was clean torn of its neck, sent rolling into the wind by the great beast.

The knight were visibly shaken, fear creeping into their once mocking features. Several dropped their swords and turned tail, and the other who dared to shuffle forward, met tooth and claw from Enlincia’s tiger saviour.

And then the beast turned to face the woman it saved, sitting on its paws and licking them clean of blood, the angry red clashing violently with the pristine white fur. Until the feral blue eyes of the albino turned almost… human.

And then slowly, paw turned to hand, and as the tiger stood on human legs, and then smiled with a human face and a man’s body. “All hail Lóng de nǚ'ér, the Priestess of Dawn!”


* - Mother, sleep well. Know that I, your daughter and the daughter of dragons, will indeed lead our tribe. Know my Grandmother and your mother will soon join you, and I will fufill my role and honour you. In death and life, may the Great Ones watch over us all.

** - Please don't hurt me! Please forgive me!

*** - Thank you, and may the Great Ones watch over you and keep you safe from harm


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