Closed gates

After heaven closed the gates on her, and Hell said she wasn't worthy of punishment, Mary is left to wonder the Earth. After time, she bumps into an old pal, with them both being unworthy of heaven and hell, they have forever together. But the angels hasn't finished with them, will they be the reason life as we know it is no more? Or will they save the earth and everyone on it?


2. High trial

  26th March 2004-

  I sat in a strange waiting room with other confused and scared faces. The woman next to me was elderly, her curly white hair was sitting on top of her head and her smile had been well worn. She was the only one not confused, I wish I was like her, knowing what's going on.

 All of a sudden, on the other side of the room a well used, creaky door opened, out came a beautiful, brunette woman with large, elegant wings. Everyones heads turned in terror to stare at this beauty.

  "Bronnie Saunders?" The woman next to me stood up in a graceful way that made her look young, not this elderly woman. "Follow me please." The angel girl at the door smiled at Bronnie and gestured toward the open door for her to come in. After Bronnie stepped inside the door slammed shut, leaving us all still wondering what was behind the door.

  For a few minutes longer, I fiddled with my hands and gazed around the room, dreading what's behind the door.

  The angel woman opened the door again.

   "Mary Halifax." Her blue eyes searched the room and landed on me as I began to stand. She held her heel against the door waiting for me to come through. "Your turn." Her smile seemed sinister as it came into the view of my eyes. "This way." I walked the walk of shame towards the door, past all the sad, staring faces. Some pale, some bruised and scarred. What is this place?

  I stepped through the door into a old fashioned church like room. The sun shone through the stained glass windows creating coloured patterns over the room. The floor was a soft wood that gave off a wood smell, each step you take. I walked through the aisle in the middle of rows of seats. As I walked down it, beady eyes stared, wings were fluttering, heads turned, fire was made and words was hushed. At the end of my catwalk, was a bullet proof glass box that was enough room to fit ten people in. Two guards stood outside of it armed with arrows blazing with fire, there eyes bounced towards the box. I stepped inside and they closed the door on me. In front of me was a man with the largest wings I have seen, they was at least five times as big as him. On his desk was a set of brass scales, they were fairly large and there was counters on either side, one pile red, one pile white.

  "Mary Halifax. You are here today to know your after life." He paused waiting for the word after life to sink in. Yes, it did. I remembered. I died from the pothole, the car. All because of karma. From the look on his face he must of known it had sunk in.  "Well, what happens is this, we state things about your life. We know what's true, and what's fake. You say guilty, if it's true, innocent if its fake. Every good thing gets a white counter on the good side, and a bad gets a red counter on the bad side. A lie will get a red counter. At the end the side that weighs most will determine whether you go heaven or hell. Do you understand?" I nodded. "Let the trial begin."

   Two hours passed before the trial had ended. The red and white side kept swapping as they were the same weight. Up and down, up and down. Everyone was annoyed and frustrated.

  "Well, Miss Halifax. You are not on a good side are you?" I didn't know how to react, I'd say I'm relatively good. "Your too good for hell, yet too bad for heaven. I mean, yes, you have done a lot of good things, but no-one has ever had a weight that heavy on hell." He cleared his throat and his eyes sparkled before he carried on.  

   "So I hereby brand you as an angel, the fifth in fact, damned to walk the earth for all eternity, and are banned from heaven but not hell. We'll wait till that side clocks over." I heard gasps from the crowd, screams even, as a pair of wings sprouted from my shoulders. Blood splattered wings. "Let her go." The great man said, annoyed.

   All of a sudden a roaring pain fled from my head through to my toes, my feet failed me, my vision went blurry and the colors were being traded for a grey.

  Then I collapsed.

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