Closed gates

After heaven closed the gates on her, and Hell said she wasn't worthy of punishment, Mary is left to wonder the Earth. After time, she bumps into an old pal, with them both being unworthy of heaven and hell, they have forever together. But the angels hasn't finished with them, will they be the reason life as we know it is no more? Or will they save the earth and everyone on it?


3. Change

    2nd April 2004-

 I became aware of hushed voices, I couldn't move, couldn't speak and couldn't even open one eye. The last thing I remembered from my dream is I had 'died', then got banned from heaven. Well personally I'm noy surprised, but if heaven existed I'd have been struck by lightning by now.  "Is she awake?"

    "Shh, I don't know, new angels are ever so cranky when they are being awakened during transformation."

    "And? It's not like she's going to heaven is it? The earth can handle her. Not like they haven't already."

   There was a pause and then I felt a round of pain, around my heart. I started jerking around at the pain, it was unbearable! It raced around all the lanes in my body, ending at the dead end of my fingertips. It all bubbled up around my shoulders, which some thing grew bigger out of. Then the pain ended, and I could open my eyes and sit up.

    Oh, it wasn't a dream.. I'm an angel, banned from heaven. And I have wings! Blood splattered wings. The devil's wings.

     The men who was in  the court with me was standing either side of me. Not being as shaken up as I was there, I hadn't realised how beautiful they actually are. One was taller then the other and had brown, fluffy hair. His eyes was a vibrant green that glittered at any angle, his build was fairly muscular and his smile must be a hit with the ladies. His wings was only about as big as him, they were clear white though, better then me. The other man had blonde, messy hair, he's not much of a looker though. Definitely not. His eyes are a dull brown that was like that history teacher's that you never paid attention to. He had a a moustache to go with it, but he didn't look that old, probably about twenty-two.

    I realised I was in the waiting room I had been sat in awaiting fate. Not being scared stiff, I realised the room I was sat in before was split in two, one half had rows of chairs which were all occupied, and the other half I was in right now had rows of beds. Also, every bed was occupied. I noticed that all around the room there was depressing photos; death, tears and darkness. Very nice, especially in the circumstances in this room.

    "Oh well, we never had to wake you up." My glance went back to the two men who were looking at each other with eyebrows raised. The brunette nodded and the blonde carried on. "Right, well honey-" I snorted. "Can you remember what happened a few days ago?"

    "No, no, 'darling'. It was only an hour ago wasn't it?" Wasn't it though? Maybe it was longer?

    "No, about six days ago. Well, anyway, your banned from heaven, but your an angel. If you let the hell counters weigh more then heaven, your wings will be took away, you'll go to hell, and there's no way out. But just live forever peacefully and good, no questions asked, your allowed to stay on earth." The blonde smiled at me.

     "How do I get back to earth?" I asked.

    "We throw you from the door, you fall, but you have wings, so you live. Yes? Oh and you need to go now." This time the brunnete spoke. Then to scare me, each man walked to either side of me and grabbed a hand each and lifted me up.

     I struggled against them but they were too strong. "Sorry." They chorused as they opened the door a metre from my bed. They chucked me out and I was falling. My blue hair flailing against the wind, my eyelashes stuck back to my eyelids and my wings, my wings! How do I work them? Do I move my shoulders?

    All of a sudden, my wings started moving to a slow rhythm, my falling slowed down and so did the wind. Thinking! Thinking about moving them moves them! I thought more and more till the beat was faster then a heart. I hovered for a moment enjuring the view. The ocean was gorgeous, the ground was like grey clouds in the sky. I hovered for a second longer then breathed in. I pointed my head down and  dived down.

      The wind in my ears muted and I opened my eyes realising I was near ground. I slowed down and let my wings come into my shoulders, it felt better them being in. Then gravity pulled me to the ground, I landed on all four in a pouncing position. That was the first time I was on earth as a 'bad' angel.

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