Closed gates

After heaven closed the gates on her, and Hell said she wasn't worthy of punishment, Mary is left to wonder the Earth. After time, she bumps into an old pal, with them both being unworthy of heaven and hell, they have forever together. But the angels hasn't finished with them, will they be the reason life as we know it is no more? Or will they save the earth and everyone on it?


1. Last goodbyes

18th December 2003-

 My feet pushed up and down on my bike pedals, I tried to heave myself up the hill whilst causing annoyance to the cars. As this is a tight bit on the road you can only just fit two cars going past each other at a time, now it was just one.

  After much effort, I managed to get myself on the other side of the hill, and I let myself go and glide past the trees. It seemed strange just to let all the colours blur past, it had been so dull in prison, all the silver of the cells, and that angry, plain eye that you wished you never caught, which got you beat up. But the first time I was let out of the walls of the prison, was the first sense of freedom I had got in years. I can vividly remember the crunching of gravel underneath my feet, the wind whistling past my ears and all the people. The nice people.

  Because pf concentrating on the colours, I had forgot I was on a road. I wish I hadn't forgot. The pothole was there at the bottom of the road. The pothole that killed my older sister. The sister I didn't grieve in prison. I was just in a well of self-pity.

  I tried to brake but my brakes weren't working, I tried again but it was too late. My bike's front wheel was in the pothole and I had let go, I was flying. My blue hair waved goodbye in my face, all the trees on my right hand side waved happy goodbyes and the house's on the otherside wasn't caring about the murderer. I wouldn't care though either.

  My head hit onto a car bonnet and the rest of my body slid onto the floor. All I felt was pain, all over, why didn't it end? I managed to flicker open one eye long enough to see the sleek, black car that killed me. Karma came back around and ended my pain.

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