Life As It Is

Justine's life is very difficult. Her parents got divorced when she was just 3. Justine moved back with her dad and his girlfriend . Her mom is in London with her new husband and his 3 sons. when her mom wants her for the summer she has to deal with the new people ,her step dad, and worst of all her step brothers. She thinks that her life couldn't get any worse.
She will meet someone along the way that will change her mind?


4. Starbucks

This morning I was woken up by a huge bangin' noise. I walked outside of my room to see the boys wrestling . "Do you guys mind? I'm trying to sleep."

The boys stopped wrestling. "It isn't our fault that you sleep until 2:30 in afternoon." Jon said.

What?!?! I had slept until 2:30. I went back in my room and went over to my suit case. I pulled out my dark blue jeans and my pink crop top.

Then I went into the bathroom and took a shower, brushed my teeth. then but my hair in a pony tail.

When I came out my room the boys weren't there. I made my way downstairs the boys were putting their shoes on. "Hey you want to go to Starbucks with us. Maybe have some sibling bonding time?" Don ask, he was the nicest out of the 3.

I nodded and put my converse on.

*At Starbucks*

We were in line to order. The place was crowded. When it was our time to order, the boy ordered the same thing, coffee, but I ordered a chocolate cookie crumble Frappuccino. Our drinks took longer then we thought so we talked most of the time.

I learned Don was the oldest, 20, then Jon ,19, and last Ron, 18. They are all huge Football fans *soccer*. Don was sweet, charming, funny, and actually was mature. Jon was the shy but still funny kind of guy. He likes to mess around a lot. Ron on the other hand would hardly talk to me but he would stare at me. He was rude at times. He kind of scared me a little. The boys also said their mom was horrible at naming them. I figured that already

The lady working called our order. I told the boys that I would get it. I got our drink and walked back to the table. I gave them the drinks and we talked for a little while. We all finished and we were walking out. I got a text . I quickly looked down not watching where I was going. I ran into someone. My phone fell and I quickly looked. It was a blonde boy who looked around my age. I apologized . "I am so sorry I wasn't paying attention!" He laughed.

"It's alright love." I could tell he wasn't from here, he was Irish. I gave him a quick smile and walked out with the boys. Forgetting that I had dropped my phone and never retrieved it from off the floor . 


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