Life As It Is

Justine's life is very difficult. Her parents got divorced when she was just 3. Justine moved back with her dad and his girlfriend . Her mom is in London with her new husband and his 3 sons. when her mom wants her for the summer she has to deal with the new people ,her step dad, and worst of all her step brothers. She thinks that her life couldn't get any worse.
She will meet someone along the way that will change her mind?


5. My Phone

*Back home*

When we got home we had just finished an hardcore game of truth or truth. I told them about the most embarrassing moment in my life. That was when my ex told me my dad's girlfriend was hotter than me, IN FRONT OF ALL MY FRIENDS.  All the boys laughed but it still wasn't funny even after a year.

"So who was your first love, Don? I asked.

" Her name was Abigail. She was -" He was soon cut off by Ron.

"She was a bitch. She didn't care who she hurt especially Don. She cheated on him and he was so stupid to keep on taking her back." As Ron went on Don just looked down.

Then everything went silent . "ok, next question. Funniest text."

I reached into my back pocket to pull my phone out but it wasn't there. Weird.

"Hey guys, have you've seen my phone."

" No, where was the last time you say it?" Asked Jon.

"Starbucks. Oh no I think I left my phone when I dropped it right after I ran into that guy."

How could I forgot to pick up my phone off the floor. I'm so stupid. I was totally freaking out now!

"Relax, We'll just call your phone, hope someone picks up and gives you it back." Said Don.

Don handed his phone and I dialed my number. It rang three times and a boy picked up.






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