Life As It Is

Justine's life is very difficult. Her parents got divorced when she was just 3. Justine moved back with her dad and his girlfriend . Her mom is in London with her new husband and his 3 sons. when her mom wants her for the summer she has to deal with the new people ,her step dad, and worst of all her step brothers. She thinks that her life couldn't get any worse.
She will meet someone along the way that will change her mind?


1. Leaving

"Are you sure your going to be ok?" My dad said.

"I'm going to be fine. I'm 17 remember, I can take care of myself." I rolled my eyes.

My dad pulled me into a hug. His girlfriend of course had to join in. I quickly released and stepped away.

The lady on the intercom announced my flight.. We said our goodbyes and had one last hug. I walked to my flight but before I boarded I looked back, my dad had his arm wrapped his girlfriends waist. Gross. I wished him and my mom were still together but they both made that clear that wasn't happening.

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