Life As It Is

Justine's life is very difficult. Her parents got divorced when she was just 3. Justine moved back with her dad and his girlfriend . Her mom is in London with her new husband and his 3 sons. when her mom wants her for the summer she has to deal with the new people ,her step dad, and worst of all her step brothers. She thinks that her life couldn't get any worse.
She will meet someone along the way that will change her mind?


3. In London

As soon as I got off the plane my mom and her husband were there waiting for me. I walked toward them and my mom gave me a big hug. "I've missed you so much."

Oh really if you did you would have visit me when I was with my dad or sent me sooner. Its been 4 years since I have seen you and that was when you got married. I said that in my head so no one else heard. I just simply said "I missed you too."

When we pulled apart my moms husband, Rick, gave me a half hug. "Wow you gotten bigger!"  Rick said.

"Yep, I'm all grown up!" I smiled a little.

We went to the thingy that the bags spin on to get my suitcases. Once my 2 blue sparkling bags came I grabbed them.  My mom then led me out of the airport which was really hard because it was crowded but I manage to keep up.

We got into the car and my mom started talking about ricks sons and my room. She also talked about how great the community . All I was really paying attention to was how pretty London was.

We finally approached a really big, red bricked house with white shutter and roses in the front. I was in love with the house it was so pretty but the inside was even bigger.

Rick showed me to my room. It was blue! If you haven't notice my favorite color was blue. I jumped on the queen size bed. This was the one placed I was surely going to spend my whole summer in.

the rest of the night went normally as it kind of did  at my dads. We had dinner with ricks sons , who names rhymed. Don, Jon, and Ron. I would never do that to my children but they seemed like sweet boys. After dinner I took a quick shower and went to bed .

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