Hate to Love you

In 2009, Harry broke Samantha's heart. What happens when she sees him again at her job? Will she ever forgive him again?


2. Second Chances

Samantha's POV

I lay here, in my bed, wide awake, thinking about Harry. I want to believe him so bad! But I'm afraid. I slowly drifted asleep thinking about him and our lovely summer.


It has been about 2 weeks after I saw Harry. I woke up at around noon. I never really slept in but I hardly got any sleep last night. I've been thinking about Harry every night. I had to be at work in another 20 minutes. I got out of bed and threw on a brown blouse, white skinny jeans, and cute brown boots. I put in my silver hoop earrings and heart necklace. I put on mascara and brushed my hair out, curled the ends, and put a black bow in it. I had enough time to get to work, my mom was already there when I walked in. She got there a couple hours earlier to get everything read for the day. I didn't have to wear a uniform on Saturday, just a waitress apron :)

I saw my best friend run through the door with her phone.

"SAMMY! SAMMY! LOOK AT THIS!" Kristie yelled "HARRY WROTE A SONG ABOUT YOU! IT'S BEEN LEAKED!" Kristie yelled even louder. She knew about everything that happened in the past 3 years, in fact, she was there. She had been my best friend for 5 years, so she knew when Harry broke my heart.

She pressed play on her phone and I heard the song, it was called Rock Me. I listened to every word, tears forming in my eyes. I loved the song, on top of the apology, I felt like ... like ... he was telling the truth and he really was sorry. I took a deep breath.

"You wanna know what I think?" Kristie asked, I shook my head no but she told me anyway "I think everyone deserves second chances." I thought about it. What if I gave him a second chance? Would he take advantage of it and hurt me again? Or will we actually be a couple in love.


Harry's POV

I got the song recorded in no time, but I found it on the internet a couple weeks later. I wonder if Samantha heard it before? I wanted to see her again. I decided to go to the diner for lunch.


I walked into the diner and saw Samantha, she was talking to Kristie. I remembered her being Sam's best friend. Samantha saw me and smiled at me. ??? She motioned for me to come over by her. I walked towards her smiling. Did she change her mind?

"Hey Harry, I heard the song ..." She bit her lip, "And I umm, ... I liked it and I believe that everyone should have second chances. Kristie changed my mind about the way I saw things. I was always looking at the bad side, so I forgive you and I'm going to look on the bright side from now on." She was talking fast and biting her lip, I've always found that a turn on when she did that.

She gave me a hug and I felt warm inside. "Thank you." I told her and she smiled. Kristie walked past me, "Don't screw yourself," she whispered in my ear and walked away. "So, now what?" I asked Sam. She shrugged, "Well for starters, I have to work, but I get off in another 3 hours." I nodded my head.

"See you then?" I asked her, she nodded her head and waved, "See ya later." she grabbed her note pad off the counter and went to go help a customer. I walked out, I couldn't believe she forgave me. I texted the boys.

TO: Louis, Zayn, Liam, Niall- She forgave me.

I got texts back like good and yay.



A/N: Sorry it's a short chapter. Please leave a comment about the book so far, I want to know if it'ss good, bad, awesome, horrible etc. so I will continue it.

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