Hate to Love you

In 2009, Harry broke Samantha's heart. What happens when she sees him again at her job? Will she ever forgive him again?


3. I Wanna Make Things Right

Samantha's P.O.V

          All the while I was working my shift I couldn't help but think of Harry. I felt like I had done the right thing by listening to my friend and forgiving him. I was still slightly worried that he might break my heart again. As my shift ended after what seemed like hours, I noticed his sexy posture leaning against the window outside. I began regretting forgiving him, but a part of me gave me the strength and the courage to face my fears as I began to walk towards the door.

           I noticed as I took a quick glance out the window that he was alone and was wearing a very attractive pair of tight jeans and a black jacket. His hands were in his pockets as he lent cooly waiting for me to emerge out of the door. I finally got to the door after my long gaze and slow unconfident walking. I went to grab the doorknob but hesitated for a second. I swallowed hard with a gulp as nerves began ot wash over me. My heart was racing as I felt my stomach churn slightly. I said to myself 'come on Sammy, you can do this'. I closed my eyes pushed the door as it sqeaked slightly on it's hinges. The sudden high pitched squeaking noise caused my heart to somersault out of control as my eyes flickered open. I looked straight at Harry who was now looking at me and walking towards me. I felt my stomach twist as butterflies rised up to my chest from my stomach. 'Get a hold of yourself Sammy!' I said crossly in my head. This seemed to give me all the confidence I needed. Harry held his hand out to me. Not one of us had broken the silence. I took his hand after a slight hesitation. I noticed a smile spread across his face. I was realived when we finally started walking and all I had to do now was follow him and look straight ahead to where ever the road may take us.

Harry's P.O.V

          I was surprised when she took my hand. After all I had done she had forgiven me. I still can't beleive that. As I walked on I was trying to think where I could take her that would impress her. All I want to do tonight is prove that I'm sorry and make things right. Sam broke my train of thought when she said with a stutter "whe-where are we going?" I could tell by the way she spoke that she was nervous and quite obviously unsure about her rash apology and sudden gesture bringing me back into her life. I said confidently but as gentle as I could "I'm not sure yet to tell the truth". Sam then replied back more confidently by the sounds of "I can't help but notice that the boys arn't with you".

          I said sweetly "I wanted this night to be just about us, just me and you, so we can saught things out, you have no idea how sorry I am. I just want this night to put it all right". Sam said with a slight sarcasm "it will take a bit more than just one night to make things right but I can see your trying and I like that". I felt her sqeaze  my hand so I sqeazed hers back gently. I decided finally to take her to the cinema. I know that girls like cinemas, all the hugging and getting close. As we walked in I decided to choose a romantic film because I thought that would work wonders on the night ahead of us. Sam didn't seem to mind me taking her to the cinema and to my luck she chose a romantic film. I swear it's a girl thing. I led her to her seat still holding her hand. I finally let go after lowering her down in her chair and carfully sitting down in the seat beside her.

Samantha's P.O.V

As the film began I started thinking about all the things he has done and said so far. I have to admit I was quite proud of the way he was acting and treating me so far. I still had a slight regret on my mind as memorys of how he treated me last time kept flooding in during the film. I shut my mind off, concentrating on my heart. I knew I had made the right choice. I found myself cuddling up to him, his curls tickled my cheek. He cuddled in to me and we held hands for a second. It was all rather romantic. He let go of my hands and  put his arm round me, pulling mw in closer.


When the film finally ended Samantha and Harry headed out the cinema, arms round eachother, cuddled in close. They walked slowly, unsure of where they were going but not caring much about that as they were so happy. Sam said "so where are the boys?" Harry looked at her dreamily and said "shall we go see them now?" Sam nodded with a smile. Harry said "ok let's go, there waiting at my house. There probably exspecting me to come back with you anyway".

This chapter was written by JezzaRat

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