Little Lady {One Direction}

She's an underaged prostitute, walking the cold streets of London.

Birds can fly away, but she's stuck here on earth.

Her uncle lies to her mother that lives away, telling her that her daughter is fine, as he pimps the young girl.

Who'd have known her next customer could be her saviour...



4. LL: Chapter 4

Niall's POV


"YOUR ONLY TWELVE YEARS OLD?!" Louis screamed. 


Harry slammed the breaks, right infront of our flat. 


How could she be so young? She had bags under her eyes and everything.. I thought she could be atleast sixteen. 


She shrunk down a bit. "You promised you wouldn't tell anyone right?" 




"I'm sorry," she whispered, her face growing red.


"Don't be sorry love, c'mon lets go inside." I said softly with a smile. 


She nodded, and got out of the car. 


Liam stayed behind to wake Zayn, and we all know how long its going to take. 


Harry unlocked the door and stepped into a place we call home, switching on the lights. Lionaire look around wearily, uncomfortable. I studied her closer, now that we were in the light. 


Her legs were a bit too skinny, covered in cuts and scrapes, along with bruises that matched her face. It made me sick to look at them. 


Lionaire's POV.


The blonde one was staring at me funny, I knew what that means.. 


Niall's POV


As I stared at her, I locked a gaze with her. 


Without saying a word or removing her gaze, she dropped her jacket to the ground, and reached her arms behind her back. She easily began unzipping the fabric of the purple dress, easily showing the pale skin on her shoulders.


"WOAH WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" Harry yelped. 


She paused. "What do you mean? Do you want to go somewhere private? Or am I only staying.. with one of you?" er lges shifted uncomfortably and her face grew red again. 


"Come here," I sighed, turning her around. She winced at my touch, trembling under my fingers, as I zipped up her dress. 


She obviously didn't enjoy her job. 


"What are you doing?" Harry whispered. 


"Taking her to get cleaned up. She can stay in the spare room," I whispered back. 


Harry sighed, and nodded in agreement. 


"Let's go," I told her with a smile.


"Am I staying with you tonight?" She asked, blinking her eyes.


"Hush. Its okay,"  I answered simply, patting her shoulder.


She winced a bit, and I realized I touched a bruise. I apologized quietly. "Its fine," she whispered, holding back tears. It obviously hurts a lot. 


I turned on the light of the restroom. She widened her eyes in surprise. "I usually don't take showers with customers,"


I felt a pit in my stomach, thinking of all the men that she had been with at such a young age. "No, no. Here, just get cleaned up. I know it's boy shampoo, but I think it works the same. Just probably smells a bit masculine-" I rambled.


"I got it," she whispered. 


I blushed. "Right," 


"Thanks, anyways," she said, smiling softly, as I backed away, and the toilet door shut. 






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