Little Lady {One Direction}

She's an underaged prostitute, walking the cold streets of London.

Birds can fly away, but she's stuck here on earth.

Her uncle lies to her mother that lives away, telling her that her daughter is fine, as he pimps the young girl.

Who'd have known her next customer could be her saviour...



3. LL: Chapter 3

Harry's POV


"So how old are you?" I asked, looking into the mirror.


She was obviously caught of guard, stuttering her words. "Uhm-uhm I'm eighteen,"


"Your lying again," Louis sighed. She gulped.


"I can't tell you,"


"You'll tell them,"




"The police, I just know it." 


"We wont tell, just tell us how old you are," Niall reassured her.


"I'm turning thirteen in four days," 

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