Little Lady {One Direction}

She's an underaged prostitute, walking the cold streets of London.

Birds can fly away, but she's stuck here on earth.

Her uncle lies to her mother that lives away, telling her that her daughter is fine, as he pimps the young girl.

Who'd have known her next customer could be her saviour...



2. LL: Chapter 2

She had gotten tired of walking. 


It was too cold, and she was too weak. Her thighs now had bruising on the inside of them, making them even more sore than usual with every step she took.


Her arms had been held to the sides every night, leaving even darker bruises. Scratch marks on her back, trailing down to her waist, stung as fabric of her poor excuse for clothes rubbed against them.


The only way to stay awake sourced from the pipe she held, hidden in the pocket of her flimsy coat.


The great thing about it, was that she didn't have to eat constantly. Sometimes she even forget how good food was. It was part of her life now, being hungry, that was. Like he would ever let her use her money to buy food. 


It's a waste he would say.


And she would nod her head silently, and walked back to her dirty room. She hadn't gotten a customer all night. But then again, it was a Tuesday. Not a very busy weekday. Maybe one or two cars would pull up, versus the nine or ten on weekends. 


So she gave up on trying to look for cars, and just let them come to her. She took a seat in a road tunnel, leaning her sore back against the wall and staring at the bright yellow lights above her.


And hour passed by, and she began to hum to herself. She didn't know the song. Just the tune. Her mother used to hum when she makes breakfast on Saturday mornings. Never any words, because she wouldn't remember them. 


So she hummed, hoping to grasp some memory of better times. Any memory. Even ones when her mother was sick. But atleast they were together. 


But no memories flooded in, like they did when she was high.


Then she heard it. The low rumble of a car. 


She scrambled to her feet, and smoothed out her small bodi-con dress and swung her jacket over her shoulder. A wince escaped her mouth as her skin met the chilled air. So much for being able to handle August weather. 


The car drove by, not even slowing a bit. 


She sighed and put her jacket back on. Five minutes into her settling back down, another low rumble escaped in the distance. This time she left her jacket on, leaning against the wall. 


The van slowed to a stop. A nice van. With blacked out windows. 


The window rolled down, as she placed a hand on her hip, gazing at the driver's seat. 


Liam's POV


"Woah. look at that girl? What's she doing in the cold?!" Niall shouted, pointing to a girl in the tunnel before us. 


"Stop the car!" Niall yelled to Harry. Harry slowly pulled on the brakes. "Niall."


"Yes?" the blond irishman answered. 


"Look at what's she's wearing. She's a prostitute," 


"But she looks so young!" 


"Teen trafficing," 


"Oh. Can we bring her home and feed her or something? She looks cold," Niall pleaded. 


Harry stared into Niall's puppy dog eyes and sighed. "Fine. But i'm not taking the blame for it if the paps thinks we brought home a hooker," 


"She looks like she could be Lottie's age! Or Fizzy's!" Louis yelled. 


"Yeah. I know," I muttered. 


Harry rolled down the window.


"She's really pretty," Niall whispered to us. Zayn was still passed out cold. 


Third person's POV


"Hey babe," she grinned, leaning against the car window.


"Get in," the curly haired boy sighed. She changed her expression and nodded. There were other guys in the van too.. and they were all pretty handsome. 


"Hi! What's your name?" a blonde boy sitting in the passengers seat smiled. 


"er... Candy," she murmered. 


"Your real name," the driver commanded. 


No-one ever questioned her stage name. 


"Oh, Lionare," she blushed. 


"Your kidding me,"  Another boy said, rubbing his temple. 


"No i'm not. My father picked the name before he left. Mother didn't bother to change it," 




"So what are you willing to pay? It'll be extra for every person though," she asked, combing through her hair. It was a habit she picked up when she was nervous. This was the time. 


She got four quizzical looks. "What? Its policy. I can't give you freebies," 


"What do you usually charge?"


"Depends on what you want. For a whole night is 25 pounds. Just a few hours is around 12 pounds," She sighed. 


"Only twenty five?" the driver repeated, eyes wide. 


She nodded unsurely. "I know its expensive but I don't have many miles on me-," 


"Expensive? That's cheap to sell your body to a stranger!" he exclaimed. 


Lionare shrank back, scared to get slapped. "Sorry," 


"What are you doing?" 


"I just.. thought that.. never mind," she hid her face in her hair. "So back to payment, I don't go in blindly. I learned my lesson the first time."


"We'll give you whatever you want, love." 


She nodded again, unsure of what to say. 


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