Little Lady {One Direction}

She's an underaged prostitute, walking the cold streets of London.

Birds can fly away, but she's stuck here on earth.

Her uncle lies to her mother that lives away, telling her that her daughter is fine, as he pimps the young girl.

Who'd have known her next customer could be her saviour...



1. LL: Chapter 1

Listen, little lady, 
This is just the worst way to spend your birthday, 
It's thirty degrees, Thursday.
You work late, you is with a perv making dirty fake love in his Mercedes.
Lady, the word rape sums up events that take place every night.
You wanna get up but you know your legs'll ache if you try.
And you remember that your punter went crazy last night, 
You drag yourself to the mirror to check your face, then you cry.
Forget the visit to the clinic you were booked in for, 
You'll make a trip to the Whittington where they'll look at your jaw.
They'll be inquisitive and ask about your business for sure, 
They'll know you're fibbing if you tell them you got hit by a door.
But young woman the pimp sees you as nothin' but a dumb hooker, 
Medical attention could be fatal
'Cause the cunt wouldn't ever let a doctor near someone that's getting dough for him, 
'Cause next you got poxy authorities sticking their noses in.


But for her, this isn't just a song.



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