Hi guys. This is just a random Bones fanfiction that popped into my head.
Paris: Booth/Bones
Disclaimer: I don't own Bones
Note: My first one! Please don't hate if you think it's bad.
Summary: Brennan and Booth are investigating a murder in a dangerous neighborhood. Booth is shot.


4. The Proposal

Booth kept his word. When Hannah arrived, he pulled out a velvet box and asked Hannah to marry him when he got better.
Brennan was looking in the doorway.
She had come to see because she loves Booth. She knew it was a mistake.
"Booth, I'm sorry. I can't marry you."
Booth looked crestfallen. "Why?"
"Because of Temperance. I know you love her more than me. She walked out of the room and Both was alone. Brennan hid around a corner and peeked out so Hannah wouldn't see her. Brennan saw her tears.

The next day Brennan went to see Booth.
"Bones?" Booth's voice was hoarse.
"Yeah..." She replied.
"Sorry about Hannah." She added.
"Last night I realized something Bones. Hannah was right. I love you and we have to be together forever."
"Booth... Last time you said that I believed it. You came home with someone else after that. How could I trust you after you broke my heart?"
She stood up as Rebecca brought Parker in to see his father.
"Bye Booth."
Brennan stood up and walked out of the room.
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