Hi guys. This is just a random Bones fanfiction that popped into my head.
Paris: Booth/Bones
Disclaimer: I don't own Bones
Note: My first one! Please don't hate if you think it's bad.
Summary: Brennan and Booth are investigating a murder in a dangerous neighborhood. Booth is shot.


1. The Call

Brennan's phone rang.
"Hi sweetie. It's Angela."
"Hi. What's up?"
"It's Booth. He was shot."
Brennan's face turned pale and she dropped her phone.
"Faster. Faster." She had to drive faster and get to the hospital.
Brennan parked her car. It didn't matter that it was in a handicap spot. She ran in and pushed past Sweets who tried to calm her down.
"Seeley Booth." She told the reception desk.
"He's still in the ER. His doctor will be coming out soon."
She felt a hand on her back.
"Hi Ange."
"Sweetie he was shot in the stomach twice."
Brennan said nothing. She sunk down into a hospital chair.
"It was the main suspect of your case. But don't worry, he was arrested."
She sat down next to Brennan.
"Ms. Temperance Brennan?" Said a doctor as walked into the waiting room.
"Yes?" She said as she hopped up.
"I'm Dr. Therin." They shook hands.
"Since you are Agent Booth's emergency contact, you can see him. He has been moved to room 163, floor 2"
Brennan didn't thank him, let alone wait to hear Booth's condition. She bolted up the stairs.
"160, 161, 162, 163!"
Brennan pushed open the door.
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