Hi guys. This is just a random Bones fanfiction that popped into my head.
Paris: Booth/Bones
Disclaimer: I don't own Bones
Note: My first one! Please don't hate if you think it's bad.
Summary: Brennan and Booth are investigating a murder in a dangerous neighborhood. Booth is shot.


2. Love Is Painful

"Hi Booth."
Brennan stepped into the room. Booth looked terrible. He was hooked up to an IV, a heart monitor and more machines she didn't have time to look at.
"It's bad." He continued the conversation.
Brennan stifled tears. A few escaped and dripped down her face.
She pulled a char up and sat next to his bed.
"I was going to propose to Hannah tonight. What do you think? Could I still do it?"
Brennan stood up and kicked the chair over. All her tears came down at once. She stomped out of the room.
"Come back, Bones I need you!"
Too bad for him Brennan thought. I would never need him again.
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