Hi guys. This is just a random Bones fanfiction that popped into my head.
Paris: Booth/Bones
Disclaimer: I don't own Bones
Note: My first one! Please don't hate if you think it's bad.
Summary: Brennan and Booth are investigating a murder in a dangerous neighborhood. Booth is shot.


7. I Love You

Booth sat by her bedside.
"I love you Bones. I never meant to hurt you."
He knew she was asleep

At the sound of his voice, Brennan's eyes fluttered open.
"That's... True?" She asked

"Oh yes. I love you more than anything on this earth. You're my world and I can't live without you. Brennan why would you ever want to hurt yourself because of some bullshit I said? I would die with you. I want the partnership back. I want old, healthy, happy Bones back. The one I know so much. I love you Bones."
At this point, he felt terrible.
"I was angry at you because you of what you told me about your broken heart. Angry about Hannah. But why? I don't love Hannah. I love you Bones and I always will. I want you to know that."
He smiled when her heart rate increased.
"Now get well soon Brennan. We need you."
He was pushed back to his room.
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