I will always find you

Kelly is an arch angel and is of great purity but when her heart is taken by the devil with a changed heart. But will this forbidden love come with an ultimate price and will they find each other again?


2. The move

A white stagnant cloud surrounds us—fog so thick it makes the world look ethereal—like a relic from some long forgotten place. Our car glides off the ferry, and my stepfather takes the keys from the porter. Tad, my stepfather, hands him a crumpled bill in secret. Tad is the cheapest living creature on the face of the earth. I’m embarrassed to look at the porter so I begin with the business of climbing in the car.“Kelly.” My mother pulls me back. “The girls go first.” My sister Mia, and stepsister Melissa, both crawl into the third row of the Suburban. I’m stuck with David, per usual, my half brother who entertains himself with bodily functions and tries to get me in on the action. He’ll be a junior next month like me. My mother thought it was a sign that she and her then boyfriend had kids the same ages, plus two dedeceased spouses. I’m really happy for Mia since both she and Melissa are going into seventh grade together. Junior high in general is kind of scary, plus she’s off my back now. Before Melissa came into our lives, Mia was constantly bugging me and getting into my things, and now it’s like I don’t even exist. David on the other hand, I’m not so thankful for. I’m already aware that his presence will effortlessly degrade my social standing. I push in my ear-buds and lean back for the ride.
Paragon Island is off the central coast of Washington. My mother made a list of odd facts about it and stuck it to the vanity just above my desk, which isn’t there anymore because everything I own has been shipped to our new residence somewhere on the west side of the island. I don’t remember the laundry list of ridiculous facts, just that it’s twenty-six miles in length, two high schools, two malls, complete with a load of freaks that specialize in the art of inbreeding. And by the use of deductive logic, some of those freaks will be my classmates—inmates for the next two years. OK, that last one wasn’t actually on the list, but factual nonetheless. Also, there’s the whole deal about east side, west side, which suggests to me I should be expecting musical gang fights, and lots of girls named Maria. I already miss my old school—old life. Not that I was super popular or anything, but it was home and it was what I was used to. No one had any real expectations of me, and I was comfortable in my nonexistent clique of girls. I also miss my dad who died two years ago, whose death is the entire reason my universe disbanded. He was the gravity that kept my sanity aligned. Without him I am adrift, without a compass and without a home.I wipe a lone fat tear off my face and force myself to take in the landscape—row after row of skeletal trees that stretch to the sky, fog-laden roads illuminated in black and white. Something about this feels right. This is how I imagined the world right after my dad died—lonely—one solid grey scene after the next in some muted old-time movie. L.A. was always sunny, always telling the wrong story, ending with miraculous sunsets that looked like they belonged in a fairytale. It was a murky grey reality that I craved. It’s like this place knows me. It knows me right through to my gossamer riddled heart.“Is it always like this?” I pluck out an ear-bud to hear the response from my mother. “The weather? Rains a lot too.” My mom beams her paper white teeth at me, her red hair fringes her face. She radiates a smile. I wish she could turn down the volume once in a while, but that would be like asking the sun to tone down its beams. Sometimes I hate how perky she is, like she doesn’t miss dad—like he never existed. “Perfect.” I move my lips, don’t let my voice escape.Tad points towards a long stretch of homes. These aren’t the run of the mill suburban streets that stamped out Los Angeles like a disorganised quilt. These houses sit on top of long narrow driveways, each on their own perch, nestled in a private forest of pine trees so thick you could hardly make out the structure of the home itself. “Third one.” Tad says leaning over the steering wheel. Now would be a great time for the airbag to deploy. I imagine his shocked expression as it explodes into his chest, knocks him backwards and breaks his neck. I could practically see the blood trickle from his nose. He pulls into the narrow driveway the fog thick and ere , I see a lingering shape at the top of the drive way slowly walking towards us as the car comes to a stop. My dad winds down his window as the shape comes into view as a tall lean and very pale woman walks toward us, her hair drooped down her back lifeless and dry." Hello", she spoke smoothly sticking her hand in Tad's window to shake his hand " My name is Lucinda, but you can call me Lucy". Tad nodded " Why it's very nice to meet you I'm Tad and this is", he started but I zoned out popping my ear buds back in, mainly for the reason that anything that came out of his mouth annoyed me. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turning my head to look into a black eyed Lucy. I pulled one ear bud out to hear what ever it was that she had to say " And you are?", wait a minute of course he didn't introduce me because I'm just not important enough " Kelly", I said coldly " what a lovely name", I grunted at the un-wanted comment " We'll how would you like me to give you guys a tour of the house?", my mother beamed a smile at her " That would be great". I wandered into the dark hallway covered in dust, I looked up the stairs and through the kitchen, it really wasn't anything to spectacular. I could hear the giggles of my sisters from upstairs and the chatter of my mother and Tad in the master down the hall, I tried to take in my new surroundings when Lucy popped into the corner of my eye I quickly spun to face her. " so how do you know this house so well?", she looked around and then back at me her eyes darker than before " my friend used to live here". She stopped as her expression dropped " uh- follow me", she slowly yet gracefully walked towards the stair case and began her ascent up. She stopped near a doorway in the middle of two rooms " we'll what happened to your friend?", she looked as if she were about to cry " she was killed". She looked down at the ground and then looked up at me, I felt sorry for her but I wasn't about to show it. " we'll this is your room", she opened the door and led me in.I look around at the dingy rectangle with bare walls and dark planked floors. A large bay window fills the center of the back wall. A small bench sits in its shadow. It’s romantic in a scary sort of way. The bed looked amazing and comfortable with a pink duvet and plush cushions, I turned back around to face Lucy but she had disappeared.
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