I will always find you

Kelly is an arch angel and is of great purity but when her heart is taken by the devil with a changed heart. But will this forbidden love come with an ultimate price and will they find each other again?


1. Love

Alone. Ripped away away from my soul mate to be burned by the merciless of my kind not fully understanding the lengths that love will take you. Just because he has the wings of Lucifer and his followers, and the mark on the back of his strong arms. But they do not see what is inside what shade his heart is they only think of what past choices were made not what can be achieved in the future. My last memory of my love was his dark wings beating against mine as we floated swiftly through the sky he wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my head " no matter where you are I promise that I will always find you, and I love you" I looked up at his perfect face and into his green eyes that were sparkling like the moon " and I my love will always find you no matter the cost I love you too". But it was too late they had found us and they ripped us apart to both be sentenced to death. So here I stand ready to take my judgement and to find my love once again.
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