The Chase

Amelia Rose Muscat,friend of the famous band,One Direction. Millie and one of the boys start going out with eachother leaving the fans unhappy. Paige gets unknown phonecalls,texts and letters everyday from 'Mr.X' she does nothing about it until the worst becomes worse and The Chase begins.


2. Chapter 2 of;The chase

"So the answer is... Ms Muscat"

I shot my head up, My teacher shaking her head at me.

"Miss I wasn't the star of Titanic."

Everyone started laughing and Miss Watts sighed.

"No Ms Muscat it was Leanardo Dicaprio"

I love drama. An airplane flew and hit my forehead.


I took the airplane and unraveled it.

Meet me on the roof after lesson'xox

I looked up and everyone was facing the front,the advantage of sitting at the back,you spy on people. The bell rang and I got up picking the airplane up aswell. I made my way out and to the secret stairs to the roof. Only me and the boys knew about the roof so it must be one of them.



"Hi,you wanted to see me?" 

He brushed a hand through his hair,

"Uh yeah, I have to ask you a question."


"Fire away."

He took a deep breath and looked up at me with those gorgeous blue eyes,


I started blushing and laughed,

 "What did you say? A little louder"

"Willyou bemy girlfriend"

He whispered again but a bit louder,

"Sorry the wind is loud what did you say?"

He sighed and slapped his hand on his thigh.'

"Ms Millie Muscat will you take the honor to be my girlfriend?"

He screamed out and I smiled,

"Of course"

He brought me in for a hug and I sunk my head into his neck, he kissed my forehead and pulled me away looking into my eyes.

"Your beautiful"

I got lost in his eyes and smiled. Best day ever.

A/N Who is he? Niall or Louis? Find out in the next chapter,coming soon!

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