The Chase

Amelia Rose Muscat,friend of the famous band,One Direction. Millie and one of the boys start going out with eachother leaving the fans unhappy. Paige gets unknown phonecalls,texts and letters everyday from 'Mr.X' she does nothing about it until the worst becomes worse and The Chase begins.


1. Chapter 1 of; The chase

"Millie,Millie,MILLIE WAKE UP!"

I fluttered my eyes open to meet a very excited Louis. I rolled my eyes and check the time, 8;45!

"Oh my gosh,why didn't you wake me earlier?!"

I said jumping out of bed and looking at him,I just realised what he was wearing..

"Seriously Lou? Red jeans,a stripy t-shirt and TOMS? It's 30 degrees outside!"

He shrugged his shoulders and laughed, I pushed him out of my room so I could get dressed. I chose a white tank,grey and pink baseball jacket,some pink shorts and my grey and pink vans. Yay,first day of performing arts college(!) I sing and play the guitar and so do the boys. Oh I haven't told you about the boys have I? Yeah their One Direction,cool right?

You have Zayn the gorgeous one,quite shy when you first meet him then BAM HE'S SO FUNNY.

Theres Niall, the sweet little irish boy, Haha joke. He's outgoing,loud,gorgeous and always makes you happy when your down&I love his eyes!

Liam,Daddy Directioner as everyone likes to call him, He's smart,sensible,my Toy Story buddy,also gorgeous and he's always there for you.

Harry, the gorgeous green eyed curly freak. He's also funny,good at football,party animal like me! and I get along with him so well&I love his eyes!

Then there's Louis,Oh my dear Louis. He is mad,crazy,sassy&sometimes stupid. He's a gorgeous funny lad though.

"Come on love your complaining that we take long to get ready!"

Harry shouted from the bottom of the stairs, I ran down the stairs and he held out his hand.

"Looking lovely,Miss Muscat"

He was wearing a blue blazer,white polo,creme chinos and some white converse.

"Your looking dashing Mr Styles"

We laughed and ran into the car to meet the boys,

"Hey hun ready?"

Zayn said to me while putting the keys in the car,

"Yes my lovely,let's go to college!"


"OH MY DAYS! Boys look at my bedroom! They've already moved my stuff!"

They all ran in a stood in shock, My double bed was pushed up against a feature wall which was zebra, my room was pink and had a balcony,walk-in wardrobe and a en-suite. 

"That's not fair you have a bigger room than us!"

Louis pouted and crossed his arms before storming out. Haha,i'm better than him!

"We best get him,see you at dinner hun!"

Niall said playing with my hair,he left and gave me a kiss on the head and a hug. So did the rest of the boys, Louis ran in and did the same before storming out again. I stretched out and fell on my bed,My eyes fluttered shut.

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