I think I'm in love with my neighbor

A girl named Sophie Bush has just moved from Australia to England.A few days after she moved in her Mother had invited the next door neighbors over for dinner and she meets the boy named and she starts to like him.Will he like her back or will it just be one of those crushes that you should forget about?


2. 2.

Sophie's p.o.v:

I walked across the road to the park and sat on the swings and you could just feels someones presence around you.You looked up and saw the cutest boy standing in front of you he had brown hair with blonde streaks in it and his eyes were so beautiful they were a beautiful baby blue and then he started to speak which got you out of your gaze he said "Hi I'm Noah and I'm your neighbor" you said to him "Hi my name is Sophie" he then asked me what I was doing today and I told him that I was just exploring.Noah asked if you would like it if he could show you around you said "Yes I need an expert about this place other wise I would get lost.Noah took me all over the England it was an amazing first day ever.

Noah's P.O.V :

I looked out of my window that morning to see a girl around my age walking out of the house next door and decided to get dressed and introduce myself to her so I quickly got changed and walked over to where she was heading which was the park across the road.When I got over there I saw her sitting on the swings and I walked over and introduced myself to her when I saw her up close I saw how beautiful she was and who knew it would end up as a day where we go all over England to go exploring.After the exploring we decided that it was best to go home before our parents get worried I really got to know her and we are going to the same high school so I will see her a lot.When I got home mum told me we were invited over for dinner at the new neighbors house.So I went upstairs to get ready to see Sophie again.

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