I think I'm in love with my neighbor

A girl named Sophie Bush has just moved from Australia to England.A few days after she moved in her Mother had invited the next door neighbors over for dinner and she meets the boy named and she starts to like him.Will he like her back or will it just be one of those crushes that you should forget about?


1. 1.

Sophie's p.o.v:

I had arrived at my new house in England really late last night and I don't want to get up I just want to stay in bed and it is a Saturday so I don't have to go to school.I am going to get up anyway because I can't sleep when I am thinking about what I am going to do today well I already know what I'm doing I am going exploring.This is officially where I'm living for the rest of my life because well you see my parents are university teachers and they had just been asked if they wanted to be teach at the biggest university on Earth and it was a very big opportunity for them so I had to go I had no choice but to come with them.They had already left so I am on my own as usual well I think a 17 year old girl can look after herself  anyway I am going to make today fun I am going exploring I got up from bed took a shower and put some black skinny jeans and a blue tank top with a tiger on it.I went downstairs and got a bowl from a box cause we hadn't unpacked yet and some cereal from another box and got some milk from the fridge and ate then I went back upstairs and got my wallet and phone and put my purple vans on and left to go and explore.I saw a park close by and went over there first but I had a really strange feeling that I am being watched ....

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